Splashing around

I just clicked today that I’m ‘that Dad’! Before we had Brylee we always saw those parents who always posted photos of their kids and said that we wouldn’t be like that when we had kids, but it turns out that it’s harder that you’d think. Anyway, why break from the mould so here are some more photos of Brylee playing outside in her little pool that Uncle Mikey gave her…


October 8: Pegasus bridge

We stopped by Pegasus Town on our way home from Christchurch this afternoon just as it was starting to fine up and luckily I had my camera in the car. This is one of the features of the town and pretty flash so thought it would make a good photo. We’ve been here a few times for BBQ’s and it’s pretty nice and even though it wasn’t actually very warm, it looks nice in the photo for day 279!

September 24: Akaroa

A few shots from this morning in Akaroa. We had breakfast overlooking the harbour and enjoyed the sunny morning before heading home. I think we could retire to somewhere like Akaroa one day… Great morning for my 265th day! And only 100 days left of my project… Almost there! Kinda…



September 23: Akaroa lights

It’s my birthday today and my wife took me away for a night in Arakoa (Google it for those from outside NZ…). Had a great day and an awesome night to top it off! We went out for dinner and a walk then grabbed the camera and took a few shots on our way back to the motel. What a day for the 264th day of this project 🙂

PS. Spot the smiley face…

September 14: Three glasses

I was really struggling to find something to take a photo of so when I opened the cupboard and saw a wine glass I got it out. Inspired by a blog I follow (http://jljfoto.wordpress.com/2011/09/11/resonate/) I decided to put some water in it and take a few shots. It wasn’t really happening for me so I thought I would try some shots with food colouring and luckily we had some. Photoshop wasn’t working for some reason so I had had to use Picnik and tried out the collage option as it was what I wanted to do in Photoshop. I actually quite like the result though and could see it hanging on a wall somewhere… Maybe one day. Anyway, that’s the shot for day 255!

August 30: Brylee’s little seahorse

Brylee has been pretty sick today but she was loving just lying on her mattress playing with this little book. She’s had it since she was young and has spent hours just playing with it inside and out of the bath. Anyway, lots of cleaning up from a day of spewing so that’s me for day 240! 🙂