December 5: Towelled Buddha

I still don’t have my camera back yet! I wasn’t able to pick it up on my way home today so still pointing and shooting with this useless little Samsung number… It’s so frustrating not being able to use manual settings and pretty much getting stuck with what the camera chooses, but my bad for leaving mine in the car I guess!

Anyway, another photo of our little round princess tonight while she still has most of her rolls because now she’s standing (even took a few steps tonight!) and looking like moving around a lot more, I have a feeling some of those rolls of…”energy”…will be used up and disappear! And that’s it for day 337 🙂


August 26: Spiky Brylee

I know she looks a little bit like a boy here but I still think she’s cute! Her hairy has really started to grow over the last month and even though it’s still kinda thin, it’s coming along nicely 🙂 We are staying at friends for the weekend and they have a bath (which we don’t) so she was loving having a big bath complete with plenty of toys to play with. She loves water and especially her bath or the spa at the pool so will happily stay in the bath playing for 30-40 minutes at night before bed. Anyway, she’s asleep now so we can relax and enjoy what’s left of day 236 🙂

August 12: Three little ducks

We were at my wife’s parents tonight and Brylee had a bath while we were there. She was loving these three rubber ducks and while I was watching her playing in the bath I thought that they might make a good photo against the white tiles of the bathroom. Once she went to sleep I got out the camera and tripod then took a few shots. I desaturated the background as it was a bit yellow but that was about all I did as the ducks were pretty bright already. Maybe day 222 could be a shot for Brylee’s wall sometime in the future… 🙂