November 13: Birthday girl

It was our niece Allie’s second birthday today and we went to her party at McDonald’s this afternoon. Last Sunday Brylee had her first taste of something sweet (chocolate) for her first birthday and today she had her first taste of McDonald’s. She didn’t like her nuggets so just ended up playing with her Happy Meal toy and eating a few of her chips which I was pretty happy about because we’ve been pretty strict about what she can eat so hoping that her not liking the McRubbish meal means that she won’t enjoy the taste of fast food for a while yet. Fingers crossed… Anyway, happy second birthday to wee Allie and I hope you had an awesome day on day 315 ­čśÇ


September 28: The wee girls

Brylee and her cousin Allie (1 year older) both have matching All Blacks t-shirts so Mel and Bec thought it would be a good idea for them dress matching and get some photos taken. Of course I was happy to oblige so we wandered around taking photos of them playing… Enjoy ­čÖé

Chilling on the tree stump

Allie playing on the swing

The girls checking out the daffodils

Allie thinking…

Allie heading back from a tiring 20m walk

Brylee and Mum

Both the girls not so keen to stay sitting down on the seat…

Day 269 was another stunner and happy to have some nice photos of the girls ­čÖé

July 14: Iron chandelier

This house has a rather large┬áchandelier above the dining table and I thought it might look good in a photo. It took ages to get the photos┬ácentered as I had to sit the camera on the table below and I wasn’t able to use the viewfinder. I took a photo, checked it, replaced the camera in a slightly different position then repeated until I was happy with the result. I know I could have just cropped it after but wanted to make sure it was exactly in the middle so the lighting and shadows were consistent. Anyway, enough typing so I’m off to bed! Day 195 complete – closing on 200 posts! ­čÖé

June 19: Wicker maze

I was on the hunt for something to photograph tonight and opened Brylee’s toy box. It seems odd but her favourite toys aren’t the ones that we have bought her or that family have paid good money for, but instead random household objects. Her favourite toy used to be this┬ádecorative┬áball but now she has become more domesticated and moved on to bank cards and a wooden spoon. She will throw away actual toys for her wooden spoon that came in a pack of 3 for $1.99 – go figure! I know what I’m buying next time our friends have a baby though… This ball caught my eye so I picked it up and had a play with different angles and light. I liked the sharpness of the wicker in the flash but I think the best part is the small bits of food that Brylee has left on it just in case she gets hungry whilst playing sometime in the future… Day 169 out of the way ­čÖé

June 12: New feet, old hands

Brylee was playing with Dad today and I thought it would be cool get a shot of her little hands with his big hands. I liked this idea from January ( but I’d already used it so decided to try something else. I have seen this shot done before and always meant to have a go but never got around to it. As with all photos of Brylee, it took a while to get the right shot with her wriggling around but I like the result and┬áespecially┬áthe few little wrinkles in her feet that match all the wrinkles in Dad’s hand. What a good 162nd day hanging with my little girl!