Eye Spy

I was talking to Mel tonight when I noticed how awesome her eyes looked in the light. She has pretty cool eyes (which she’s luckily passed on to Brylee) so I grabbed my camera and took some shots in the natural light from the window you can see in the reflection. Check out the end result after de-saturating everything but the iris…


November 23: Blue flowers

I got home tonight after our game and went outside looking for a photo. It’s been raining again today (boo) so it was a bit wet still but I found this flower thing that looked quite cool 🙂 And that’s it for day 325!

August 21: 1964 Chevrolet Impala

I had my first proper crack at car photography today and what a car to start with! I met the owner of this 1964 Chevrolet Impala last month (http://dailyphotonz.com/2011/07/08/july-8-muscle-cars/) when I saw some American Muscles Cars down the main street and shot some photos but then got in contact later and jacked up today. It was a perfect afternoon and drove down to a local park then spent half an hour shooting this beauty. It was an awesome car so wanted to spend a while getting the shots right as I want to get into car photography a bit more in the future and will use these images as advertising. Apparently it was valued at $35,000 a year ago so I know I’ll never own one but the next best thing is to take photos of them! Anyway I’ve got a decent stash of images on my computer now but don’t have much time to edit them at the moment so will post more when I have the time. Great day for day 231 and stay tuned for more!



July 31: Blue flame

We have been cooking with gas while staying at this house and I’ve been thinking for a while that it could make a cool shot at night so tonight I turned off all the lights and with my begrudging assistant (Mel), took some shots. I really like the eerie blue light on the hob and the reflection of the flame on the stainless steel cooker. I would have liked to have a bit longer to play around but was busy getting ready for work tomorrow so maybe another time… Anyway, this is a 2 second exposure at ISO 100 from a tripod. And day 212 is completed – only 153 days to go! Still seems like a long time…

July 6: Lil kicks

My wee girl got some new shoes from her cousin (thanks Allie and Aunty Bec) the other day and even though they don’t fit her yet, they still look sick! I figure that they are going to get ruined and spewed on soon so better remember them in photos before that happens… So here they are, enjoy and be jealous that my 8 month old daughter has cooler shoes than you on day 187! 😉