July 12: Artisan Bakery

I’ve driven past the bakery so many times at night and always thought it could look good in a photo but just never got around to it. But tonight I went out and threw my camera and tripod in the back just in case I had time on my way home – and I did! I really like the glass above the door and the reflection of the interior lights on it… Pretty happy with this effort for day 193 🙂

3 shots at f/5.6 ISO 100 from a tripod


June 25: Quake talk?

I’ve seen this mural so many times and never really got it but it takes on a whole new meaning post-quakes… And the fact that it’s painted on a building made me literally LOL because it’s so close to the red zone that odds are that there is probably a crack or two showing on this building. A wee laugh for day 175 and at least some humour has come out of the quakes…

June 21: Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament HDR

I got back after work and had planned to take a photo but then got busy. I saw that the sun had come out from the clouds and thought that it would look pretty awesome on the Cathedral. I grabbed the camera, jumped in the car and drove down. There were a few people taking photos and a rather large fence but I pushed it apart enough to get the camera in between and get the shots. This was from 3 handheld shots (-2, 0, +2) at f/6.3, ISO 100 and I’m pretty happy with the result! I think day 171 is the favourite of the project so far… Long may the HDR continue!