December 29: Helping Dad

We’ve been working around the house a lot this summer and Brylee has been on hand to make sure Dad is doing it right! We went down to get some wood and Brylee spent time checking that it was good enough before pushing Uncle Mikey out of the way to make sure that the wheelbarrow was in good hands. I’m stoked that she loves getting outside and rolling around in the dirt – even if she does come back covered in dirt. Good to have our little helper on hand for day 363 😀

Taken on my phone and edited with Instagram 


November 18: Snuggled up

Brylee has started using her first pillow this week after getting a duvet and matching pillowcase set (thanks Aunty Emily) for her first birthday a few weekends ago. I put her to bed tonight and she looked so cute all snuggled up in her bed so I snapped a photo on my iPhone 4. I’m pretty happy with my camera on the phone but jealously eyeing up my brother’s new iPhone 4s with the 8MP camera which looks pretty awesome… Anyway, mine did a good enough job for day 320 :-). And thanks to the Camera+ app for the editing!

October 25: Canon 18-55mm

This is my kit lens that I got with the camera along with a 55-250mm. I use this lens for 99% of my photos and although the zoom lens comes in hand on rare occasions, it was probably a waste of money. I’m thinking of selling it and putting the money toward a Sigma 10-20mm wide angle or maybe even a faster fixed lens… So many options but all dependent on money so probably wont be happening for a while 🙂 Anyway, that’s my image plus story for day 296!