December 21: Big boys toys

I got the chance to head out this morning and take the end-of-year photo for Worthington Contracting. Have a look at the website for an older version of this photo featuring a grand total of 9 vehicles but this updated photo shows the huge amount of growth that has taken place in the last few years. Anyway, they had hired a cherry-picker for me that got up to about 14 meters which was pretty awesome for be able to choose the best vantage point for the photo. This was just one of the many photos I took but I wanted to try it in HDR so saved the original RAW image as 5 TIFF images bracketed by one stop from -2 to 2, then combined in Photomatix for the tone mapping before finishing off back in Photoshop. I like the final image with the clouds in the background and even though they probably wont want an HDR version, it was fun to play around with on day 353 🙂


August 16: Warm inside

It started snowing properly last night about 6pm and must have kept going pretty steady through the night as we woke up to a decent blanket of snow this morning. Luckily we had kept the fire going through the night so it was still pretty warm inside but looked pretty awesome outside. I liked this photo because it captures the warm feeling of sitting inside while still being able to look out at the snow-scape… Another day off work to spend with the whanau on day 226 so I’m not complaining!

July 25: Snow day

Snow day! It was snowing a bit last night then woke up this morning to a very white Canterbury! It looks pretty awesome so I got dressed into lots of layers and headed down to the lake to grab some photos. It was OK for the first few minutes then the wind started picking up and my hands were so cold that they wouldn’t work any more so I came back inside to defrost. Heading out now so my earliest post on day 206 🙂