October 30: Waving goodbye

Mel went out this afternoon and, as usual, Brylee crawled to the door and pulled herself up to wave goodbye. I went out the other door with my camera to grab some photos and here is my favourite. This is an HDR from 3 tiff images created from a a single RAW image and the first time I have really this properly but I like the results! I like that I’m able to get the HDR effect from a scene that would normally be moving too much to capture the three bracketed images, so I could get into this… Pretty happy with my discovery on day 301 😀


October 13: Afternoon with Dad

I’m on school holidays this week and spent the afternoon down at the park and beach with Brylee. We got down to the park, had a look at the ducks, then got the camera out and started taking some photos before I realised that the memory card was still at home on the couch! Pretty average but we walked back home and grabbed the card then came back to see the ducks and grab some photos. Brylee was pretty intrigued by the ducks and they got really close so we stayed there for a while then headed down to the beach. It was sunny but with a pretty cold wind so we just dipped our toes in the water then sat on a log and watched the waves for about half an hour. Before we headed home Brylee picked up a shell for her scrapbook and had a wee suck on it, ate some sand, then we walked back home. Great wee adventure on day 284 😀


August 24: Brylee’s sign

This is the wee sign hanging on Brylee’s door and unfortunately all I’ve seen of Brylee today! I left for work before she was awake this morning then her door was shut and she was asleep again when I arrived home 12 hours later! I’ll sneak in later to say goodnight though so I can at least give my wee girl a kiss today 🙂 Thanks Aunty Emily for the sign and that’s all for day 234!

July 6: Lil kicks

My wee girl got some new shoes from her cousin (thanks Allie and Aunty Bec) the other day and even though they don’t fit her yet, they still look sick! I figure that they are going to get ruined and spewed on soon so better remember them in photos before that happens… So here they are, enjoy and be jealous that my 8 month old daughter has cooler shoes than you on day 187! 😉

June 12: New feet, old hands

Brylee was playing with Dad today and I thought it would be cool get a shot of her little hands with his big hands. I liked this idea from January (http://dailyphotonz.com/2011/01/27/january-13-brylee-with-great-nana/) but I’d already used it so decided to try something else. I have seen this shot done before and always meant to have a go but never got around to it. As with all photos of Brylee, it took a while to get the right shot with her wriggling around but I like the result and especially the few little wrinkles in her feet that match all the wrinkles in Dad’s hand. What a good 162nd day hanging with my little girl!