November 27: Cathedral Square

We finally got into the Red Zone today! They opened up a walkway through to the Cathedral Square in Christchurch this weekend so we took the family through for a look today. I’ve been waiting almost a year to get inside and take some photos and even though this was all fenced off and pretty packed it was really good to see the inner city and the changes that have been made. The Cashel Container Mall was pretty awesome to see for the first time and really good to see something starting to happen in the Central City!  Anyway, enough words so enjoy the images and have a look closely at the McDonald’s photo for the half-eaten food that was left there over 9 months ago! Successful day 329 🙂



September 26: Middleton Grange School

I did some photography tonight at Middle Grange School in Christchurch for the opening of their new whare and attached centre. I went there when I was in school but this was just old buildings so it was pretty impressive to go back and see what’s there now. This is about 1/3rd of the building and opens into a performing arts centre which is where they had the Kapa Haka concert tonight. Good times with an awesome hangi beforehand and some very talented kapa haka students to follow. But I’ve been away from home for 15 hours now so ready to relax and go to bed. Day 267 was a good one with a request to use one of my images (  in an upcoming issue of a popular a nationwide magazine which was pretty cool! And I even get paid for my efforts… Woo hoo! 🙂

July 30: USA vs. Canada ice hockey

Tonight was a new experience watching live ice hockey! Team Canada and Team USA are touring New Zealand for a 3-game exhibition tour during their summer/our winter. My brother has spent time in the States and Canada so is pretty keen on hockey and organised a few people to head along and have a look. I was lucky that he had explained some of the rules beforehand so I had a general idea of what was happening and really enjoyed the fast pace of the game. I was a bit disappointed as I’m pretty sure they saved all the big hits and fights for the promo video so there weren’t any of either left for this game as well as the massive amounts of time spent resting between the thirds! Oh well, still happy to have had a look, experience the atmosphere and watch Team Canada dominate 7-3 on day 211 🙂

June 7: Home

It is raining tonight and I tried some photos outside in the rain but didn’t want to get my camera too wet so didn’t stay very long. I didn’t get anything I liked so I went inside and had a look around. I saw this map and thought a photo of Aotearoa, New Zealand would look cool… I then had a wee play around after and liked the torn-paper texture on the background to make it look more like an old-school map but with a new, bright colours. A photo of home for day 157… Nice!