December 25: Anticipation

What a Christmas day! We started off with breakfast at Mel’s family, moved to brunch with my family, lunch at the grandparents, afternoon tea with my parents, then back to Mel’s parents for a BBQ with friends. An awesome day with great weather, food and family 🙂 Brylee had a great day and got so many presents that she wont need anything else until at least next Christmas! She didn’t really get the present deal at first but then got into it as the day went on. I love this photo because she was just sitting there intently watching Mel open one of her presents and then sat surrounded by her new toys but only playing with the piles of gift wrapping instead. An awesome Christmas day though and even though the post for day 357 is a little day late, it’s the festive season so it’s the thought that counts! 🙂


December 14: Merry Christmas!

We had a pretty busy day of Christmas shopping today and we now have all but one of our presents sorted and a lounge full of presents being wrapped! This is one of the wrapping papers that Mel bought today which is pretty cool and going to be wrapped around quite a few presents this Christmas. Looking forward to a Christmas that Brylee can actually enjoy this year and getting right into the swing of it on day 346 🙂

December 13: Christmas

It’s getting close! Less than two weeks to go and it’s actually starting to feel like Christmas now. The long summer days, the holidays, organising presents and what we are taking on Christmas day… Good times with a stunning day today – even got in a water tonight for the first surf of the summer! Anyway, a few quick shots of some of our Christmas decorations for day 345 and only 20 days left of this project!!

December 11: Christchurch Airport

This photo was taken last night when we arrived back into Christchurch but I didn’t have time to post because I was so exhausted that I fell asleep straight after I got home. The first image taken on my camera this trip (the phone did come in handy though) and I grabbed this shot on my way to the car of the outside of the recently renovated Christchurch Airport which is looking pretty flash! And this is the (slightly late) shot for day 343 🙂

December 4: Tiny Christmas tree

I don’t have my camera tonight!! We came home in a friends car last night and my camera was in the boot but I forgot to get it out when we arrived home and only realised tonight when I went to take my photo. So this photo of our little Christmas tree table decoration was taken with Mel’s pretty average Samsung point-and-shoot which is marginally better than my phone… Marginally! But anyway, it’s spreading the Christmas cheer on day 336 so that’s what it’s all about…?