August 8: Allie’s Crayons

I saw this awesome drawing from my wee niece tonight and the Crayons brought back good memories from when we were younger so I took a few photos. Well done to the little artist in the making on day 219! 🙂




July 3(Half way day!): Railway graffiti

Today we went into Christchurch to get some shopping done and I spotted this graffiti as we drove up Columbo Street. We were in a hurry on our way back but made a quick stop to grab some photos. It was quite a cool place and there was some amazing graffiti covering most of the surfaces. There was some useless tagging which was kinda ugly but in general most of it was pretty awesome. I really like graffiti in photos and decided to go with four photos for today instead of the usual one to celebrate passing the halfway mark in my 365 project! Day 183 down 🙂