July 11: Colourful pegs

Again, pretty much what the title says- pegs that are colourful… I’m making a bit of a habit of the bright focus object in contrast to a drab background but I don’t mind ‘cos it’s winter and that’s what things look like in winter! So bright pegs it is for day 192!


July 10: Down the garden path

This is the path at my parents house and all the cracks are getting filled with moss as it gets damper in winter. I was on the search for a photo today and liked the colours of the moss standing out from the drab greyness of the path. I thought winter would be average for taking photos I’m actually really enjoying it. 🙂 And that’s the shot for day 191!

June 27: Winter trees

This photo pretty much sums up the weather right now… Ice cold wind and trees almost bare apart from a few holding onto their last remaining leaves. I’m not a huge fan of winter but do admit that I like shots like this with a few dead leaves showing the last traces of summer/autumn. And I’m out of time for day 177 so that’s it 🙂

June 10: Leaf silhouette

I finally had time to take a photo before the sun went down today! I was tempted by the sunset but decided to have a look around for something else. I liked this shot because it still had a bit of the sunset but with a little bit more. And I liked the water droplet on the end as it’s been raining all day but stopped just now in time for a beautiful sunset. Nice. And that’ll do it for day 160.

June 5: Red lantern


So I stole the idea from another day and went with a lantern again… And I’m heading out now so this is about all the writing I’m doing for tonight. Planning on a bit of painting with light tomorrow night though (weather permitting) so will make up for tonight. Ka kite ano for day 155!

May 24: 21st balloon

This helium balloon has been hanging (literally) around our house for a few days now and I saw it again tonight as I got the camera out to take the photo for today. It looked quite cool with the reflection from the down-light  but didn’t come out as I’d imagined in the photo so I settled for this one because I liked how the white numbers jumped out against the dark background. It’ll do for the 143rd day…