September 22: Burning star

It’s my birthday tomorrow and my wife made me an awesome cake today! I wasn’t really supposed to have it until tomorrow but I’ve got a pretty busy day so I got it tonight and it’s even got a flash wee star on top… Woo hoo! I turn 25 tomorrow and apparently when a person turns 25 their frontal lobe stops developing and they become magically mature. So wait right there for some wise, insightful posts from tomorrow on for the rest of the year. Day 263 completed for the last time with a partially developed frontal lobe…

August 17: Burning match

Woo hoo, today is my first day of uploading home our new home! We still don’t have internet after two weeks but I’m using Wireless Hotspot from my iPhone 4 and pretty happy with how it’s working. We normally only have around 1 bar of 3G reception at the beach but I made the image smaller and it uploaded quickly… Good times! Considering trying Vodafone’s wireless internet service based on how well this is working… If anyone is using Vodafone wireless in NZ let me know how well it works!

Anyway, the title really explains the image considering it is a match and it’s burning… Day 227 down and feeling a little more optimistic considering that I can now upload from home instead of harassing family for internet access! 🙂

August 2: Burnt out

This car was obviously burnt out a while ago and I have been driving past it every day for the past few weeks and meaning every time to stop and take photos. It was in a paddock next to the road but a few days ago it was moved out of the paddock and is now sitting beside the road. I figure this meant that it will soon be taken away so I finally had time tonight to stop and take a few photos. It was a bit of a mission as there were a few cars coming past and I had to move out onto the road with the tripod between passing cars to take the photos but it worked out in the end 🙂 And that’s it for day 243!

May 6: Playing with fire

So apparently steel wool burns pretty well! I’ve been looking online today and saw this technique so decided to try it tonight. Happy with it as a start but really want to go and try it at some better locations soon. Thanks to my bro Mikey for his expert fire-spinning skills to get the shot for day number 126! If you like this, check out for a great blog with more info on painting with light.