November 12: Flying balls

We’ve got my brother staying for the weekend while the EQC is in working on their house and as always, he was keen when I needed a hand for a photo. He brought Brylee an inflatable pool complete with small coloured plastic balls for her birthday last weekend and even though it’s hers, I think we’ve been having more fun with it than her. Anything can turn into a competition with us and the latest is trying to throw these balls through the little opening on the top from a distance. The things that entertain us… Anyway, after many attempts at getting our timing right between throwing and balls and taking the photo, this is our effort for day 314 🙂


June 19: Wicker maze

I was on the hunt for something to photograph tonight and opened Brylee’s toy box. It seems odd but her favourite toys aren’t the ones that we have bought her or that family have paid good money for, but instead random household objects. Her favourite toy used to be this decorative ball but now she has become more domesticated and moved on to bank cards and a wooden spoon. She will throw away actual toys for her wooden spoon that came in a pack of 3 for $1.99 – go figure! I know what I’m buying next time our friends have a baby though… This ball caught my eye so I picked it up and had a play with different angles and light. I liked the sharpness of the wicker in the flash but I think the best part is the small bits of food that Brylee has left on it just in case she gets hungry whilst playing sometime in the future… Day 169 out of the way 🙂

June 12: New feet, old hands

Brylee was playing with Dad today and I thought it would be cool get a shot of her little hands with his big hands. I liked this idea from January ( but I’d already used it so decided to try something else. I have seen this shot done before and always meant to have a go but never got around to it. As with all photos of Brylee, it took a while to get the right shot with her wriggling around but I like the result and especially the few little wrinkles in her feet that match all the wrinkles in Dad’s hand. What a good 162nd day hanging with my little girl!

June 11: Winter flower buds

It’s getting cold at night now! It’s been a very mild autumn/start of winter so far but the temperate is really starting to drop now and making it hard to get motivated to go out and take photos at night. Looking forward to getting some cool photos of the morning frost sometime though. Maybe… Anyway, not much I can really say about this photo. I walked around the tree looking for some buds that might be opening a little then realised it’s winter and there is no way they are opening for me unless I somehow bring the sun out for extended periods of time, which really isn’t happening. Oh well, they looked quite cool closed anyway… Day 161, done! (See how that rhymed.. 161…done… Oh yeah!) 

June 9: Two black berries


I’m getting really good at naming my posts now. My trick is as follows: briefly describe what is in the photo in 2-3 words… It’s working well I think. Anyway, the photo is exactly that, so enjoy! And that’s all for day 159 folks…

June 8: Three coloured tea cups

The title really says it all… There are tea cups, they are coloured, and there are three of them. These are my Mum’s tea cups and I have seen them before but never really thought of photographing them. I was over there tonight and saw them so decided to try some photos. The background was quite bright with the flash so I tried to de-saturate it and was quite pleased with the result. Day 158 out of the way, only 207 days to go. On second thoughts, I should have waited for a leap-year to do this project.. Would only have 206
days to go. Hmmmm…