Waikuku Fog

I looked out our back door tonight and saw the fog coming in as the sun was setting so I grabbed my camera, jumped on a bike and headed down to the estuary to get some shots… Enjoy!



June 14: Mist at sunset

I wanted to try an HDR photo tonight but it didn’t quite work out… I saw the sunset and the fog out the window tonight so grabbed my camera, jumped in the car and drove down to the river. I got back and tried to create the HRD image in Photomatrix Pro but I can’t afford the full version and the trial version has dirty big watermarks all over the image. Fail (for today) BUT I now know that; I need to buy the full version, I need to take the original images in daylight, and I need to shoot on AV instead of TV mode. I learnt something I guess so day 164 was worth it 🙂

May 23: New Zealand winter

At the moment we are living opposite a sports ground and I have been driving past for the past few weeks and seeing the lights on. I though it would make a good photo and tonight I looked out and saw the fog so decided to head over and have a wee look with my camera. There were two teams of little kids have a rugby training with parents huddled around looking on from the sidelines. This just sums up winter in New Zealand and is a good memory of this house as we hear random yells from people training Monday, Tuesday and Thursday nights as well as louder, more urgent yells on a Saturday. Good times in a New Zealand winter! And day number 142 fades into the fog…