November 20: Family lunch

It was hot again today so we went out to Amberly for lunch and some family time. There is a cafe there that Mel and her grandparents often go to so we had a pizza for lunch then went to see the animals that they have for kids to feed. Another great day with Mel and Brylee on day 322 😀


October 11: Walk on the beach

I went for a walk down the beach this morning and even though it was a pretty stink morning, the beach is always awesome. We love living at the beach and are looking forward to our first summer here and spending lots of of swimming and lazing around. Anyway, here are a few shots that I like from day 282…

July 18: Beach forest

I was out at the beach working on our house today and went down to take a photo. I had a quick look at the beach but didn’t see anything very interesting so I headed back to the car-park and walked past this forest on my way back. It looked pretty awesome with the rays of morning sun streaming through the trees here and there so I thought I’d grab a photo.

The top one is the first I took and you can kinda see the rays of sunlight but not very well. If I was to do it again I would have zoomed in a little further to focus more on the light streams. The second one is my favourite by far as the bright yellow moss on the tree really stands out in HDR. And that’s it for day 199 – tomorrow I hit my 200th day! 😀

July 13: Path lights

We are house-sitting in a pretty flash gated community for the next month (while we work on our house) and I went for a wander down to the lake with my camera tonight. I was trying to get the reflections from the houses across the water but it’s a bit windy and the results weren’t so great… I turned around to walk back down the path and thought that this little scene would make a good photo. And the long exposure lit up the scene enough to see the detail in the trees behind so I’m happy with the result 🙂 Day 194 done!

July 2: Golden leaves

I was driving home this afternoon and drove past the local cricket/football grounds. There are leaves everywhere and the afternoon sun was giving them an awesome glow so I got home, fed Brylee and we bundled up and went for a walk to talk some photos – even ended up watching some football as well. I discovered yesterday that if I use the 2 sec shutter delay and have the bracket exposure setting on, it will take all three photos after the 2 seconds. I had avoided the shutter delay before as I thought I would have to take 3 separate photos and that would take ages but happy to discover I don’t… Add that one to the  “new knowledge” box :-). Day 182 down – over the halfway mark tomorrow!! Woo hoo!

June 27: Winter trees

This photo pretty much sums up the weather right now… Ice cold wind and trees almost bare apart from a few holding onto their last remaining leaves. I’m not a huge fan of winter but do admit that I like shots like this with a few dead leaves showing the last traces of summer/autumn. And I’m out of time for day 177 so that’s it 🙂