November 13: Birthday girl

It was our niece Allie’s second birthday today and we went to her party at McDonald’s this afternoon. Last Sunday Brylee had her first taste of something sweet (chocolate) for her first birthday and today she had her first taste of McDonald’s. She didn’t like her nuggets so just ended up playing with her Happy Meal toy and eating a few of her chips which I was pretty happy about because we’ve been pretty strict about what she can eat so hoping that her not liking the McRubbish meal means that she won’t enjoy the taste of fast food for a while yet. Fingers crossed… Anyway, happy second birthday to wee Allie and I hope you had an awesome day on day 315 😀

September 29: Sick ride

This is my Niece’s wee trike and I thought it would look good in HDR so I propped the camera up on a few books to keep it still then snapped the three shots before combining them in Photomatix. It’s a pretty sick wee trike but apparently I’m too big to play on it so I just have to watch jealously as she rocks around showing off her ride… Day 270 done!

August 26: Spiky Brylee

I know she looks a little bit like a boy here but I still think she’s cute! Her hairy has really started to grow over the last month and even though it’s still kinda thin, it’s coming along nicely 🙂 We are staying at friends for the weekend and they have a bath (which we don’t) so she was loving having a big bath complete with plenty of toys to play with. She loves water and especially her bath or the spa at the pool so will happily stay in the bath playing for 30-40 minutes at night before bed. Anyway, she’s asleep now so we can relax and enjoy what’s left of day 236 🙂

May 27: Our little lady

Brylee was lying on the table getting dried after her bath tonight and rolled over to see what was happening. Mel grabbed the camera out but then couldn’t figure it out so I was instructed to grab the camera and start shooting. I fired the flash but it was too bright and looked weird so I took a couple of steps back and then zoomed in so the flash wasn’t as intense on her face. And the results were better! Sweet, I learnt something today… Worth doing this project after only 146 days! 🙂