November 11: Frosted glass

This is the glass from the door to our room and it looks quite cool with the light from the lounge coming through at night… I’ve been meaning to take a photo of it for a while but keep forgetting then remembered it again when I was walking around looking for a photo tonight. Way too tired so off to bed now! Day 313 done 🙂


October 20: Rotorua

I’m still up in Rotorua and we went for a look around this afternoon.  I haven’t been here in years apart from a brief stop on the way through last year so was keen to explore and it seems like a pretty cool place. Way too late (technically the next day by now) so off to a well-deserved sleep on day 291.

September 14: Three glasses

I was really struggling to find something to take a photo of so when I opened the cupboard and saw a wine glass I got it out. Inspired by a blog I follow ( I decided to put some water in it and take a few shots. It wasn’t really happening for me so I thought I would try some shots with food colouring and luckily we had some. Photoshop wasn’t working for some reason so I had had to use Picnik and tried out the collage option as it was what I wanted to do in Photoshop. I actually quite like the result though and could see it hanging on a wall somewhere… Maybe one day. Anyway, that’s the shot for day 255!

August 25: Looking back

We broke a mirror yesterday and I saw all the broken pieces this afternoon when I was walking out the door to take a photo. I thought that it might look cool with the reflection of the field behind our house so I took a piece out and played around with it while trying not to cut myself. And here are the results for day 235! I like the first better but included the second as it looks kinda like eyebrows so made me laugh 🙂

August 5: Glass galore


I was at my parents tonight and looking around for something to take a photo of when I saw a jar full of these glass stone things… I set up then poured the stones over the table and snapped away. I tried shooting at f/4.5 but didn’t like the results so tried again at f/7.1 and the results were more pleasing. I kinda like this shot with the green stone in focus and the rest out of focus but still sparkling… That’s it for day 216!

June 23: Christchurch Art Gallery

7:10 am in winter is quite early to be wandering around with a camera looking like a creeper but that was me this morning… I have been driving past the Art Gallery on my way to work this week and thought it would make a good photo. This morning I left a little bit early and took my camera and tripod with me. There were a lot of people coming and going as the Gallery is pretty busy post-earthquake and I didn’t really have a huge amount of time so had to be quick. I had also forgotten my remote trigger so the shot wasn’t as good as I would have liked but it will do the trick for day 173. Three photos taken from a tripod at f/10. Learnt a few things though so was worth the effort 🙂