December 31: Day 365/365!

Happy New Year! 365 days after starting this daily-photo project it feels weird (but good) to be finished. It’s been a crazy year in Canterbury so glad to say that 2011 is over and bring on 2012!

I thought it would be fitting to use some HDR images for my final day (sorry to those who aren’t a fan of HDR…) as it’s something that I have learnt a lot about during this project. These images are from our drive to Kaikoura yesterday, walking around Kaikoura and a surf spot about 15 minutes north where I spent 3 hours watching the boys surf some mediocre waves. Obviously I couldn’t get 3 shots of people surfing so I used 5 TIFF images from the RAW to create the HDR.

And that’s it for day 365 😀

October 20: Rotorua

I’m still up in Rotorua and we went for a look around this afternoon.  I haven’t been here in years apart from a brief stop on the way through last year so was keen to explore and it seems like a pretty cool place. Way too late (technically the next day by now) so off to a well-deserved sleep on day 291.

August 11: Railway graffiti

This is a graffiti wall next to the railway tracks by the school I teach at and every time I walk or drive past I think I should bring my camera in and take some photos. Today I was at school from 7:30am – 8:30pm for parent-teacher interviews so I took half an hour off to wander over and grab a few shots. Hope you like them! Day 221 done…



July 23: Abandoned

I spotted this old building covered in graffiti on my way home from watching rugby today so I stopped, jumped a couple of fences and got a bit excited with the camera. Quite like the shots though – as I’ve said before, I’m a big fan of HDR graffiti shots… Had a fun time on day 204! 🙂

3 shots from a tripod at f/11, ISO 100…

July 7: Old rail bridge

I got in just before the rain today. It was an alright day but then the dark clouds started to come over later on and it was looking like rain so I decided it was time to get the photo done. I got in the car and drove down the river a bit looking for something to take a photo of. I have run or biked past this bridge plenty of times before, but never thought it would look good in a photo…until today. I’m still on with liking the graffiti and was again pleased with how it came out in the photos. I also like the effect of HDR on the water and being able to see the detail (portrait shot) in the water is pretty cool. Overall I’m happy with the shots so that’s day 188 down 🙂

3 shots from a tripod at f/10, ISO 100.

July 3(Half way day!): Railway graffiti

Today we went into Christchurch to get some shopping done and I spotted this graffiti as we drove up Columbo Street. We were in a hurry on our way back but made a quick stop to grab some photos. It was quite a cool place and there was some amazing graffiti covering most of the surfaces. There was some useless tagging which was kinda ugly but in general most of it was pretty awesome. I really like graffiti in photos and decided to go with four photos for today instead of the usual one to celebrate passing the halfway mark in my 365 project! Day 183 down 🙂