November 29: Rays of sunlight

I had to take a trailer load of branches (from my recent Chainsaw + Stephen vs. Backyard battle) out to Mel’s Uncle’s burn-pile tonight and grabbed my camera on the way out. As I was passing this local sports field I saw the rays of sunlight steaming through the clouds so stopped to take a photo for today. I really like the contrast between the dark clouds and the bright grass with the rays as a sort of in-between. A few more trailer loads to come but I spotted some old cars in a paddock tonight so maybe they will be the images for tomorrow… But for now, this is day 331’s image.

October 12: More yellow dandelions…

Again, the title really describes it all so I don’t have too much to add. It was an awesome day today with a high of 22 (hot for Spring anyway…) and the forecast is for the same tomorrow so keen to spend some time at the beach with the family! Enjoying school holidays on day 283 🙂

October 9: Country road

This is a road between Waikuku and Rangiora that we drive down pretty often and I’ve taken a few photos on before. It’s been looking pretty cool for the past few weeks with all the spring colours and I’ve been meaning to stop and take a photo for ages but only just got around to it. Sitting here watching the All Blacks play a pretty good Argentine side after watching the Wallabies beat the South African’s – it’s been a pretty good day for the  280th day of my project 🙂

October 2: Big digger

We went for a walk today and saw this digger so we came back then I grabbed the camera, found a bike lying around and went for a wee ride back down. I kinda like old machinery like this because the worn, rusty steel looks pretty cool in HDR… An early post for day 273 but I’ve got the All Blacks, Junior Warriors and Warriors Grand Final to watch!! What a day!

September 18: Yellow tree…

I’m sitting here watching Manu Samoa and Wales play their Rugby World Cup match and trying to figure out what kind of tree this is. In the end my friend Google and I couldn’t decide what it was so we decided it was just a yellow tree (hence the extremely creative title)… Anyway, less writing, more rugby watching! Go Samoa, make my day 259! 🙂

September 13: Green monster

Maybe I’ve been reading too many children’s books with Brylee lately but when I saw this photo it reminded me of some kind of monster with the daisies as eyes. Kinda weird but that’s the first thing that came to mind, hence the title. And that’s me for day 254 🙂