Waikuku Fog

I looked out our back door tonight and saw the fog coming in as the sun was setting so I grabbed my camera, jumped on a bike and headed down to the estuary to get some shots… Enjoy!



Spring fields

It’s been a while since my last post but I still have my camera with me most of the time and take photos now and then – I just don’t seem to have the time to process or post them! Anyway, this is a field that I drive past on my way to work and I kept thinking that it would look good in a photo so I stopped and took some a few days ago… Enjoy 🙂

December 24: Red fence

It’s Christmas Eve! I was going to try and post a Christmas-related photo but it’s been another massive day working around the house and we’ve got guests over for a Christmas Eve BBQ so to be honest I can’t really be bothered… This is an old fence that is being made into a gate and I liked the rustic look and colours – especially in HDR (just for you Adrian Lewis) so chose it as the photo for day 356. Merry Christmas for tomorrow! 😀

December 7: Old mill

I have my camera back, woo hoo! I picked it up on my way home from touch then stopped by an old mill in Waikuku to grab some shots for tonight. The light wasn’t the best and I didn’t have much time so I will go back later but here are the offerings for day 339. A short post for tonight but I have to be at the airport early tomorrow morning to head away to Touch Nationals with the school teams so off to pack now!

December 3: Football?

Every time I say football people get confused… In New Zealand some older people call rugby football, most call soccer football and American football is called football as well. Not the most creative naming for games involving a ball which is sometimes kicked but surely soccer should claim the football title seeing as how it involves a ball that is kicked by a foot 99% of the time… Anyway, here is the photo for 335 of my old football which I found again this afternoon. I’ve been watching a bit of NFL and college football recently and loving it so looking forward to the rest of the season!

November 29: Rays of sunlight

I had to take a trailer load of branches (from my recent Chainsaw + Stephen vs. Backyard battle) out to Mel’s Uncle’s burn-pile tonight and grabbed my camera on the way out. As I was passing this local sports field I saw the rays of sunlight steaming through the clouds so stopped to take a photo for today. I really like the contrast between the dark clouds and the bright grass with the rays as a sort of in-between. A few more trailer loads to come but I spotted some old cars in a paddock tonight so maybe they will be the images for tomorrow… But for now, this is day 331’s image.