December 29: Helping Dad

We’ve been working around the house a lot this summer and Brylee has been on hand to make sure Dad is doing it right! We went down to get some wood and Brylee spent time checking that it was good enough before pushing Uncle Mikey out of the way to make sure that the wheelbarrow was in good hands. I’m stoked that she loves getting outside and rolling around in the dirt – even if she does come back covered in dirt. Good to have our little helper on hand for day 363 😀

Taken on my phone and edited with Instagram 


December 6: 3 Hearts

Still no camera! I had a big day at work today and didn’t have time to pick up the camera on my way home so my third night without it and not happy. I’ve given up on the point and shoot Samsung because it does my head in and resorted to my phone and the Instagram app for the photo tonight. Day 338 done but definitely getting my camera back tomorrow no matter what!