December 29: Helping Dad

We’ve been working around the house a lot this summer and Brylee has been on hand to make sure Dad is doing it right! We went down to get some wood and Brylee spent time checking that it was good enough before pushing Uncle Mikey out of the way to make sure that the wheelbarrow was in good hands. I’m stoked that she loves getting outside and rolling around in the dirt – even if she does come back covered in dirt. Good to have our little helper on hand for day 363 😀

Taken on my phone and edited with Instagram 


December 8: Waikato Draught

It’s been one of the busiest days of my life today! I woke up at 6am this morning and have actually not stopped moving since then. We flew out of Christchurch this morning for Touch Nationals with 30 students, landed in Auckland, drove to Hamilton then ran around like crazy all day, ended up with the supermarket tuning off the light on us at 10pm before coming home to settle the students down and get ready for tomorrow. Another photo from my phone on day 340.

December 6: 3 Hearts

Still no camera! I had a big day at work today and didn’t have time to pick up the camera on my way home so my third night without it and not happy. I’ve given up on the point and shoot Samsung because it does my head in and resorted to my phone and the Instagram app for the photo tonight. Day 338 done but definitely getting my camera back tomorrow no matter what!

November 18: Snuggled up

Brylee has started using her first pillow this week after getting a duvet and matching pillowcase set (thanks Aunty Emily) for her first birthday a few weekends ago. I put her to bed tonight and she looked so cute all snuggled up in her bed so I snapped a photo on my iPhone 4. I’m pretty happy with my camera on the phone but jealously eyeing up my brother’s new iPhone 4s with the 8MP camera which looks pretty awesome… Anyway, mine did a good enough job for day 320 :-). And thanks to the Camera+ app for the editing!

October 17: Serious business

Brylee and I were hanging out this morning after breakfast until she decided that she needed to do some serious bargain-hunting so picked up the pamphlets from beside the fire and started reading in earnest. It’s not a great photo by any means and was snapped and edited on my phone but I love it because she just looks so serious and as though she is reading something extremely important. It never ceases to amaze me how seriously she takes little things such as putting blocks in a box, taking them out and repeating or banging a spoon on a pot but apparently they very important and require a large amount of concentration. So a not-so-great photo on day 288 but a good memory and a laugh 😀

August 17: Burning match

Woo hoo, today is my first day of uploading home our new home! We still don’t have internet after two weeks but I’m using Wireless Hotspot from my iPhone 4 and pretty happy with how it’s working. We normally only have around 1 bar of 3G reception at the beach but I made the image smaller and it uploaded quickly… Good times! Considering trying Vodafone’s wireless internet service based on how well this is working… If anyone is using Vodafone wireless in NZ let me know how well it works!

Anyway, the title really explains the image considering it is a match and it’s burning… Day 227 down and feeling a little more optimistic considering that I can now upload from home instead of harassing family for internet access! 🙂