Splashing around

I just clicked today that I’m ‘that Dad’! Before we had Brylee we always saw those parents who always posted photos of their kids and said that we wouldn’t be like that when we had kids, but it turns out that it’s harder that you’d think. Anyway, why break from the mould so here are some more photos of Brylee playing outside in her little pool that Uncle Mikey gave her…

December 30: Little pink shoes

Brylee is loving wearing shoes now she can walk in them and even brings her favourite sandals over to us sometimes so that we can put them on her. These are a pair of her shoes which we’ve had for a while and only put on her for special occasions but until now she’s been more interested in taking them off and throwing them away because there hasn’t really been a point in wearing them. But now she’s understanding that she can walk on the sharp stones with them on, she’s a lot more interested and these are one of the favourites. We’re busy packing tonight as we are heading away to Kaikoura tomorrow for a few nights over New Years. Hopefully there will be Internet or at least cell reception there so I can upload my photo(s) for day 365!! I can’t believe this is day 364 and only one more post left until this project is complete! Counting down…

December 29: Helping Dad

We’ve been working around the house a lot this summer and Brylee has been on hand to make sure Dad is doing it right! We went down to get some wood and Brylee spent time checking that it was good enough before pushing Uncle Mikey out of the way to make sure that the wheelbarrow was in good hands. I’m stoked that she loves getting outside and rolling around in the dirt – even if she does come back covered in dirt. Good to have our little helper on hand for day 363 😀

Taken on my phone and edited with Instagram 

December 25: Anticipation

What a Christmas day! We started off with breakfast at Mel’s family, moved to brunch with my family, lunch at the grandparents, afternoon tea with my parents, then back to Mel’s parents for a BBQ with friends. An awesome day with great weather, food and family 🙂 Brylee had a great day and got so many presents that she wont need anything else until at least next Christmas! She didn’t really get the present deal at first but then got into it as the day went on. I love this photo because she was just sitting there intently watching Mel open one of her presents and then sat surrounded by her new toys but only playing with the piles of gift wrapping instead. An awesome Christmas day though and even though the post for day 357 is a little day late, it’s the festive season so it’s the thought that counts! 🙂

December 20: Ātaahua

For Brylee’s baby shower we brought a bunch of small canvas’, paint, stickers and all that kinda stuff and let our guests design a canvas for Brylee. We now have 9 of them hanging on the wall in her room and it’s pretty cool because they were made for her by our friends and family even before they had met her. This canvas was made by her Aunty and is extra cool because Ātaahua is Brylee’s middle name. Her full name is Brylee Asaiah Ātaahua McQuarrie and we chose her first name just because we like it but Asaiah means God has made and Ātaahua means beautiful so Asaiah Ātaahua = God has made beautiful which we like 🙂 And that’s a wee story with a photo attached for day 352!

December 18: Walk in the park

It was a nice afternoon and we were bored so decided to go for a walk down to the park. Naturally, I took my camera and got some photos of Brylee playing around on the playground and in a big tree stump. Brylee had an awesome time and even went down the big tube-slide by herself for the first time with Mel sliding her down and me catching her at the bottom. She didn’t quite know what to think when she first started sliding but then absolutely loved it and couldn’t get enough until we eventually decided to move on. Great to discover something new that she enjoys doing though 🙂 Another awesome day with the whanau on day 350!

December 17: Kisses for Dadda

Whenever I’m working outside, Brylee always comes to the window to watch and it was the same today when she came to watch me taking photos outside. She’s just learnt to give kisses in the last few months (even tried to kiss and old lady in the mall this week) and when I came over to see her, she closed her eyes and leant forward to give Dadda a kiss. I’m loving being on holiday and being able to watch this stage as she is starting to walk heaps, loves snuggles and giving kisses to us all the time – and which I’m fine with! 🙂 An extremely proud Dad on day 349!

HDR with very minimal processing – just for better lighting – taken from a single RAW image, using Photomatix and Photoshop.

December 12: Waiting for Mum

Mel went for walk down to the General Store tonight and Brylee actually just sat on the doorstep waiting until she got back just because she’s cute. I’m loving being back home after 4 days away and enjoying all the snuggles I can get with my girls! 🙂 On holidays now so looking forward to warm weather, hanging with my girls, and getting lots done around the house this summer. Living the good life on day 344.

December 5: Towelled Buddha

I still don’t have my camera back yet! I wasn’t able to pick it up on my way home today so still pointing and shooting with this useless little Samsung number… It’s so frustrating not being able to use manual settings and pretty much getting stuck with what the camera chooses, but my bad for leaving mine in the car I guess!

Anyway, another photo of our little round princess tonight while she still has most of her rolls because now she’s standing (even took a few steps tonight!) and looking like moving around a lot more, I have a feeling some of those rolls of…”energy”…will be used up and disappear! And that’s it for day 337 🙂