November 21: Droplets on ivy

I woke up early this morning to pouring rain! Not happy because the weather has been awesome recently but I suppose it had to come sometime because it is spring after all… It’s been raining pretty hard most of the day but stopped just after dinner tonight so I went out to take a shot and was on the look for a good shot with some raindrops. Our ivy has been featured in a few shots this year and again today. The glossy leaves meant that the rain formed cool droplets on the leaf so this is shot for day 323…


November 20: Family lunch

It was hot again today so we went out to Amberly for lunch and some family time. There is a cafe there that Mel and her grandparents often go to so we had a pizza for lunch then went to see the animals that they have for kids to feed. Another great day with Mel and Brylee on day 322 😀

October 6: Flower in the flash

I’ve been borrowing an external flash for the last few weeks and have to take it back tomorrow so I though I’d have one last play with it tonight. I walked out the back door in the dark and went looking for something to shoot, armed only with the light from my iPhone. This was pretty close and looked interesting enough so fitted the bill! I played around with the flash then ended up reflected it off the leaves above the flower and like the effect of the bright greens in the background… Gutted I have to give the flash back tomorrow but happy it made an interesting shot for day 277 🙂

September 21: Real rose?

Nah, it’s not real! It’s a fake flower and looks even faker up close but I like the texture of the material so that’s the shot for day 262… I left home at 7 this morning and just got home 14 hours later after Year 10 Course Selection Evening at school and I’m tired! Off to sleep now…

September 4: Playing with the daffodils

We were at my parents today and wanted to get a few photos of Brylee then Mel thought that they would look good with her playing in the daffodils. She was right! I took a few and this was my favourite just in front of her eating one with the petals sticking out of her mouth. Kinda fitting I guess in that it’s Fathers Day today and she is the reason that I’m a father… Great first Fathers Day on my 245th day and looking forward to many more 🙂