December 11: Christchurch Airport

This photo was taken last night when we arrived back into Christchurch but I didn’t have time to post because I was so exhausted that I fell asleep straight after I got home. The first image taken on my camera this trip (the phone did come in handy though) and I grabbed this shot on my way to the car of the outside of the recently renovated Christchurch Airport which is looking pretty flash! And this is the (slightly late) shot for day 343 🙂


October 10: Tongue and groove

This is a shot up the wall toward the ceiling and my favourite feature of our house. We have a high tongue and groove ceiling in our little beach cottage and when we moved in the lounge was pretty badly lit but now we have a total of 13 bulbs lighting the room including these up-lights. We put just them on at night and it looks pretty cool as they light up the natural wood and give the house a pretty cosy feel combined with the fire going. Anyway, a pretty windy night for day 281 but all snuggled up and warm in bed so I’m happy. Night!

September 23: Akaroa lights

It’s my birthday today and my wife took me away for a night in Arakoa (Google it for those from outside NZ…). Had a great day and an awesome night to top it off! We went out for dinner and a walk then grabbed the camera and took a few shots on our way back to the motel. What a day for the 264th day of this project 🙂

PS. Spot the smiley face…

July 17: Framed chandelier

I know I’ve already done a chandelier shot a few days ago but decided to have a go with their bigger, brighter chandelier tonight. It took a while to get the tripod at the right height and angle between the landing banisters but eventually got there with a bit of mucking around… I really like the window in the background almost framing the shot as well as the pattern of shadows that the chandelier throws on the wall. Quite like the 198th shot 🙂

July 12: Artisan Bakery

I’ve driven past the bakery so many times at night and always thought it could look good in a photo but just never got around to it. But tonight I went out and threw my camera and tripod in the back just in case I had time on my way home – and I did! I really like the glass above the door and the reflection of the interior lights on it… Pretty happy with this effort for day 193 🙂

3 shots at f/5.6 ISO 100 from a tripod

June 18: Bus lane by night

Another late night… Heading home from friend’s and Brylee was sleeping so I had to be quick with taking a photo. This image was hand-held with ISO at 100 and a 1 sec exposure. Came out better than expected considering it was rushed and hand-held so I’m OK with the end result. While waiting for the photo to upload I was looking around WordPress and somehow ended up linked to the Stuck in Customs site ( I have heard of it before but never got around to looking at it. Wow, amazing! I am now inspired to get more into HDR photography after reading this blog and the HDR tutorial. So many awesome images which make me feel kinda stink about my own (still learning, I know) and I am putting some money aside now to buy Photomatrix Pro ( which seems to be what everyone is using to create HDR images. I don’t quite understand deal with the editing but I’m sure I will get there! Stay tuned for future awesomeness! That’s all folks for day 168.