December 20: Ātaahua

For Brylee’s baby shower we brought a bunch of small canvas’, paint, stickers and all that kinda stuff and let our guests design a canvas for Brylee. We now have 9 of them hanging on the wall in her room and it’s pretty cool because they were made for her by our friends and family even before they had met her. This canvas was made by her Aunty and is extra cool because Ātaahua is Brylee’s middle name. Her full name is Brylee Asaiah Ātaahua McQuarrie and we chose her first name just because we like it but Asaiah means God has made and Ātaahua means beautiful so Asaiah Ātaahua = God has made beautiful which we like 🙂 And that’s a wee story with a photo attached for day 352!


October 20: Rotorua

I’m still up in Rotorua and we went for a look around this afternoon.  I haven’t been here in years apart from a brief stop on the way through last year so was keen to explore and it seems like a pretty cool place. Way too late (technically the next day by now) so off to a well-deserved sleep on day 291.

October 19: Smoking hangi

I’m in Rotorua this week for a conference and of course everything here is smoking and steaming – including this above-ground hangi which I’ve never seen before but I imagine would be almost as tasty as the real thing… Had a busy day and off to bed now so that’s it for day 290 🙂

August 28: Te Anahera

It was our little mate Te Ana’s first birthday yesterday so her Mum made this name for her wall. She used an entire swarm of butterfly’s for decorating the letters and the girls even had to go back out today to get more but it looks pretty awesome in the end! Happy first birthday Te Anahera and  nice work Amy! Day 238… check.

June 20: HDR koru

 I finally got the full version  of Photomtix Pro today! Woo hoo! Pretty stoked to be able to start having a decent attempt at HDR… But I ended up going out tonight so I didn’t have much time and ended up just finding something to test it out on. This was from 3 photos at -2, 0 and +2 and it actually took a while though because even at f/4.5 the +2 exposure was 8 seconds and I forgot to bring my tripod with me. But I held it kinda still enough and got there in the end. Excited to try a proper HDR image taken in daylight though… Have some ideas for a few of the Christchurch City broken buildings post-earthquake so watch this spot once I get my tripod… That’s all for day 170!