December 31: Day 365/365!

Happy New Year! 365 days after starting this daily-photo project it feels weird (but good) to be finished. It’s been a crazy year in Canterbury so glad to say that 2011 is over and bring on 2012!

I thought it would be fitting to use some HDR images for my final day (sorry to those who aren’t a fan of HDR…) as it’s something that I have learnt a lot about during this project. These images are from our drive to Kaikoura yesterday, walking around Kaikoura and a surf spot about 15 minutes north where I spent 3 hours watching the boys surf some mediocre waves. Obviously I couldn’t get 3 shots of people surfing so I used 5 TIFF images from the RAW to create the HDR.

And that’s it for day 365 😀

December 18: Yellow lily

Apparently I can’t count! Yesterday was day 359 so logic would follow that today would be day 360 but that would mean that it would only be day 362 on December 31 when it should actually be 362 today seeing as how there are 365 days in the year. Brownie points for whoever can trawl back and find the day(s) that I miscounted!!

Anyway, my parents are house-sitting on a lifestyle block over Christmas and the retired couple that own the house clearly have a lot of time on their hands to spend in the garden. There are about 4 or 5 different colours of lily’s in one of their gardens alone and I had a wander around with my camera when we were out there today. I really like this shot because of the  vivid yellow and black colours with the bright pink in the centre so chose it as the image for today.

December 8: Waikato Draught

It’s been one of the busiest days of my life today! I woke up at 6am this morning and have actually not stopped moving since then. We flew out of Christchurch this morning for Touch Nationals with 30 students, landed in Auckland, drove to Hamilton then ran around like crazy all day, ended up with the supermarket tuning off the light on us at 10pm before coming home to settle the students down and get ready for tomorrow. Another photo from my phone on day 340.

November 16: Perfect wife

I got home from our game tonight just after 8pm and walked through the door to a sparkling clean house, dishes done, dinner and dessert cooked, baby bathed and in bed, and washing folded. What a lucky man I am to have such an awesome wife! I was pretty excited about the apple crumble so here is a shot of it fresh out of the oven. A great end to day 318 😀

November 13: Birthday girl

It was our niece Allie’s second birthday today and we went to her party at McDonald’s this afternoon. Last Sunday Brylee had her first taste of something sweet (chocolate) for her first birthday and today she had her first taste of McDonald’s. She didn’t like her nuggets so just ended up playing with her Happy Meal toy and eating a few of her chips which I was pretty happy about because we’ve been pretty strict about what she can eat so hoping that her not liking the McRubbish meal means that she won’t enjoy the taste of fast food for a while yet. Fingers crossed… Anyway, happy second birthday to wee Allie and I hope you had an awesome day on day 315 😀

November 12: Flying balls

We’ve got my brother staying for the weekend while the EQC is in working on their house and as always, he was keen when I needed a hand for a photo. He brought Brylee an inflatable pool complete with small coloured plastic balls for her birthday last weekend and even though it’s hers, I think we’ve been having more fun with it than her. Anything can turn into a competition with us and the latest is trying to throw these balls through the little opening on the top from a distance. The things that entertain us… Anyway, after many attempts at getting our timing right between throwing and balls and taking the photo, this is our effort for day 314 🙂

October 26: Cookies and cream

I just got home from touch and pretty tired after playing a game with only 2 subs then refereeing a pretty fast game by myself. Good fitness though as I’ve got three pretty intense games this Saturday! Anyway, I was feeling like something to eat when I got home and found this cookies and cream ice cream in the freezer. It was looking so good as it was starting to melt that I thought I’d share it with you all. Great end to day 297 and pretty excited about hitting the 300-day mark this Saturday!