Splashing around

I just clicked today that I’m ‘that Dad’! Before we had Brylee we always saw those parents who always posted photos of their kids and said that we wouldn’t be like that when we had kids, but it turns out that it’s harder that you’d think. Anyway, why break from the mould so here are some more photos of Brylee playing outside in her little pool that Uncle Mikey gave her…


December 31: Day 365/365!

Happy New Year! 365 days after starting this daily-photo project it feels weird (but good) to be finished. It’s been a crazy year in Canterbury so glad to say that 2011 is over and bring on 2012!

I thought it would be fitting to use some HDR images for my final day (sorry to those who aren’t a fan of HDR…) as it’s something that I have learnt a lot about during this project. These images are from our drive to Kaikoura yesterday, walking around Kaikoura and a surf spot about 15 minutes north where I spent 3 hours watching the boys surf some mediocre waves. Obviously I couldn’t get 3 shots of people surfing so I used 5 TIFF images from the RAW to create the HDR.

And that’s it for day 365 😀

November 20: Family lunch

It was hot again today so we went out to Amberly for lunch and some family time. There is a cafe there that Mel and her grandparents often go to so we had a pizza for lunch then went to see the animals that they have for kids to feed. Another great day with Mel and Brylee on day 322 😀

October 26: Cookies and cream

I just got home from touch and pretty tired after playing a game with only 2 subs then refereeing a pretty fast game by myself. Good fitness though as I’ve got three pretty intense games this Saturday! Anyway, I was feeling like something to eat when I got home and found this cookies and cream ice cream in the freezer. It was looking so good as it was starting to melt that I thought I’d share it with you all. Great end to day 297 and pretty excited about hitting the 300-day mark this Saturday!

October 25: Canon 18-55mm

This is my kit lens that I got with the camera along with a 55-250mm. I use this lens for 99% of my photos and although the zoom lens comes in hand on rare occasions, it was probably a waste of money. I’m thinking of selling it and putting the money toward a Sigma 10-20mm wide angle or maybe even a faster fixed lens… So many options but all dependent on money so probably wont be happening for a while 🙂 Anyway, that’s my image plus story for day 296!

October 19: Smoking hangi

I’m in Rotorua this week for a conference and of course everything here is smoking and steaming – including this above-ground hangi which I’ve never seen before but I imagine would be almost as tasty as the real thing… Had a busy day and off to bed now so that’s it for day 290 🙂

October 17: Serious business

Brylee and I were hanging out this morning after breakfast until she decided that she needed to do some serious bargain-hunting so picked up the pamphlets from beside the fire and started reading in earnest. It’s not a great photo by any means and was snapped and edited on my phone but I love it because she just looks so serious and as though she is reading something extremely important. It never ceases to amaze me how seriously she takes little things such as putting blocks in a box, taking them out and repeating or banging a spoon on a pot but apparently they very important and require a large amount of concentration. So a not-so-great photo on day 288 but a good memory and a laugh 😀