December 31: Day 365/365!

Happy New Year! 365 days after starting this daily-photo project it feels weird (but good) to be finished. It’s been a crazy year in Canterbury so glad to say that 2011 is over and bring on 2012!

I thought it would be fitting to use some HDR images for my final day (sorry to those who aren’t a fan of HDR…) as it’s something that I have learnt a lot about during this project. These images are from our drive to Kaikoura yesterday, walking around Kaikoura and a surf spot about 15 minutes north where I spent 3 hours watching the boys surf some mediocre waves. Obviously I couldn’t get 3 shots of people surfing so I used 5 TIFF images from the RAW to create the HDR.

And that’s it for day 365 😀


August 5: Glass galore


I was at my parents tonight and looking around for something to take a photo of when I saw a jar full of these glass stone things… I set up then poured the stones over the table and snapped away. I tried shooting at f/4.5 but didn’t like the results so tried again at f/7.1 and the results were more pleasing. I kinda like this shot with the green stone in focus and the rest out of focus but still sparkling… That’s it for day 216!

August 1: Unborn sunflowers…

I was looking around in the pantry tonight and thought that these might make a cool photo so I put them in a bowl on the bench, set up the tripod above them, and snapped a few shots. The light wasn’t that great and there was an unavoidable shadow from the tripod frame so I headed into the garage in search of better lighting. I found a mechanics light hanging (literally) around so I look it back in, hooked it up to light the shot better and took the photo. It’s not really a breath-taking shot for day  213 but I had fun playing around with everything so I’m happy 🙂

July 27: Farm machinery


I was driving home this afternoon when I dove past a farm with this sitting in the front paddock. I wanted to take a photo but it was a bit awkward because the farmer was working in the paddock and I didn’t want to look like a creeper so I kept on driving.  I got about 50 meters down the road then decided I could handle the farmer looking at me weird so I turned around and drove back. I don’t know if he even looked at me because I just pretended he wasn’t there, snapped away and then left. I have no idea what this thing is – hence the generic name – but I like rusted old things so this fits the bill for day 208…


July 26: Then the sun came out…

I woke up this morning to see that the sun had come out after a super cold and frosty night and even though it was still freezing, the snow looked pretty awesome lit up by the sun. These photos are from Waikuku Beach, North Canterbury from about 8-9:30 this morning.



July 25: Snow day

Snow day! It was snowing a bit last night then woke up this morning to a very white Canterbury! It looks pretty awesome so I got dressed into lots of layers and headed down to the lake to grab some photos. It was OK for the first few minutes then the wind started picking up and my hands were so cold that they wouldn’t work any more so I came back inside to defrost. Heading out now so my earliest post on day 206 🙂

July 24: Te Ariki

We were lucky enough to have our good friends and their two kids out to stay this weekend and had an awesome time! This is my wee mate Te Ariki and we were trying to get some photos for their 1st/3rd birthday invitations this morning but haven’t had a chance to look through them all yet so will have to make time to finish looking tomorrow. I’ve also uploaded some photos from my adventure yesterday with Te Ariki. I know they weren’t taken today but I like them so I wanted to use them. We went into Christchurch to drop Te Rangi (Dad) off at rugby then went to the mall for lunch. Te Ariki was loving dancing around in the shops and quite entertaining for the sales assistants… Then we came back and watched Te Rangi play rugby (which they won in a nail biter) in between playing on the playground and tackling Te Ariki’s new friend. What a day! Now our house feels a bit quiet and empty without our guests though… Until next holidays! Anyway, that’s it for day 205