October 17: Serious business

Brylee and I were hanging out this morning after breakfast until she decided that she needed to do some serious bargain-hunting so picked up the pamphlets from beside the fire and started reading in earnest. It’s not a great photo by any means and was snapped and edited on my phone but I love it because she just looks so serious and as though she is reading something extremely important. It never ceases to amaze me how seriously she takes little things such as putting blocks in a box, taking them out and repeating or banging a spoon on a pot but apparently they very important and require a large amount of concentration. So a not-so-great photo on day 288 but a good memory and a laugh 😀


September 6: Daffodils

It’s spring and there are daffodils everywhere and so this is yet another spring-related photo of just some of these daffodils. Ahhh, spring 🙂 Day 247 feeling good!

August 31: Rugby World Cup 2011

Only 8 days until the start of the RWC 2011 and starting to get pretty exciting! The teams have been arriving in New Zealand today and even people who don’t normally like rugby are getting a bit excited about the event. An example of excessive merchandise in the  build-up to the RWC are these Pump bottles which have individual numbered All Black’s jerseys on them. I only bought it because it was the cheapest but it’s turned out to be pretty handy as the numbers let you tell the difference between other people’s bottles and your own…

Not a great day though as I got through teaching the first two periods then vomited so headed home and have been in bed or on the couch all day! This bottle was close to my mattress on the floor so it was the pick of the day as I haven’t have to move off my mattress so far! Day 241 done 🙂

August 20: Colours

I found this little plant thing growing beside our driveway and liked the colours so popped the flash because it was getting dim and took a few photos. I like the colours, the sparkle of the water droplets in the flash and the little bud growing in the middle so I’m happy. Day 230 done – only 125 days to go!!

August 11: Railway graffiti

This is a graffiti wall next to the railway tracks by the school I teach at and every time I walk or drive past I think I should bring my camera in and take some photos. Today I was at school from 7:30am – 8:30pm for parent-teacher interviews so I took half an hour off to wander over and grab a few shots. Hope you like them! Day 221 done…



July 28: Waikuku sunset

I was driving home late this afternoon and the sun was just going down so I stopped by the Waikuku Estuary for a look… It was a pretty impressive sunset which got even better after I had left and was driving home but oh well. You can’t really see in the photo but the mountains in the background are covered in snow and the whole scene was pretty awesome. So that’s it for my 209th day 🙂



July 27: Farm machinery


I was driving home this afternoon when I dove past a farm with this sitting in the front paddock. I wanted to take a photo but it was a bit awkward because the farmer was working in the paddock and I didn’t want to look like a creeper so I kept on driving.  I got about 50 meters down the road then decided I could handle the farmer looking at me weird so I turned around and drove back. I don’t know if he even looked at me because I just pretended he wasn’t there, snapped away and then left. I have no idea what this thing is – hence the generic name – but I like rusted old things so this fits the bill for day 208…