December 30: Little pink shoes

Brylee is loving wearing shoes now she can walk in them and even brings her favourite sandals over to us sometimes so that we can put them on her. These are a pair of her shoes which we’ve had for a while and only put on her for special occasions but until now she’s been more interested in taking them off and throwing them away because there hasn’t really been a point in wearing them. But now she’s understanding that she can walk on the sharp stones with them on, she’s a lot more interested and these are one of the favourites. We’re busy packing tonight as we are heading away to Kaikoura tomorrow for a few nights over New Years. Hopefully there will be Internet or at least cell reception there so I can upload my photo(s) for day 365!! I can’t believe this is day 364 and only one more post left until this project is complete! Counting down…

December 20: Ātaahua

For Brylee’s baby shower we brought a bunch of small canvas’, paint, stickers and all that kinda stuff and let our guests design a canvas for Brylee. We now have 9 of them hanging on the wall in her room and it’s pretty cool because they were made for her by our friends and family even before they had met her. This canvas was made by her Aunty and is extra cool because Ātaahua is Brylee’s middle name. Her full name is Brylee Asaiah Ātaahua McQuarrie and we chose her first name just because we like it but Asaiah means God has made and Ātaahua means beautiful so Asaiah Ātaahua = God has made beautiful which we like 🙂 And that’s a wee story with a photo attached for day 352!

September 29: Sick ride

This is my Niece’s wee trike and I thought it would look good in HDR so I propped the camera up on a few books to keep it still then snapped the three shots before combining them in Photomatix. It’s a pretty sick wee trike but apparently I’m too big to play on it so I just have to watch jealously as she rocks around showing off her ride… Day 270 done!

July 11: Colourful pegs

Again, pretty much what the title says- pegs that are colourful… I’m making a bit of a habit of the bright focus object in contrast to a drab background but I don’t mind ‘cos it’s winter and that’s what things look like in winter! So bright pegs it is for day 192!

July 6: Lil kicks

My wee girl got some new shoes from her cousin (thanks Allie and Aunty Bec) the other day and even though they don’t fit her yet, they still look sick! I figure that they are going to get ruined and spewed on soon so better remember them in photos before that happens… So here they are, enjoy and be jealous that my 8 month old daughter has cooler shoes than you on day 187! 😉

June 15: HDR Popsicle

Trying the HDR deal again tonight. Excuse the watermark on the image but I can’t afford the full version so am using the trial in the meantime. I saw this empty Popsicle carton next to me on the table and liked the idea of photographing it because

a) The bright colours looked quite cool and…

b) It was sitting next to me on the table and I didn’t even have to move from my seat to take the photo, load it up and edit it. I like this!

Maybe that should be a challenge… To take a photo a day from your seat. Could be kinda boring though! Anyway, that’s it for today and the very start of my HDR learning curve. Still need to find a nice scene in the daylight but it’s a start! Done for day 165!

June 14: Mist at sunset

I wanted to try an HDR photo tonight but it didn’t quite work out… I saw the sunset and the fog out the window tonight so grabbed my camera, jumped in the car and drove down to the river. I got back and tried to create the HRD image in Photomatrix Pro but I can’t afford the full version and the trial version has dirty big watermarks all over the image. Fail (for today) BUT I now know that; I need to buy the full version, I need to take the original images in daylight, and I need to shoot on AV instead of TV mode. I learnt something I guess so day 164 was worth it 🙂

June 2: Pink on green


I was very tempted to just use an old photo tonight as it is cold and I’m tired… But decided to go out in my jandals and jacket to look for a photo anyway. Tried a few photo ideas but they didn’t work out and I was getting cold feet so wanted to come inside and just flag for today (but didn’t). I found this bush hidden away in the dark and tried to get a good angle for the shot but it took a while as the only light I had was the evaluative-flash which gave me just enough time to focus on the right point. Worked out OK though and better than an old photo for day 152!

May 31: Sunset reflection


What an awesome end to an awesome day! It was a stunning day today for the last day of Autumn, then topped it all off with a great sunset. I was feeding Brylee tonight when I looked out the window and saw this sunset. Mel was nice enough to tag in for the feeding while I grabbed my camera and ran outside. This puddle outside our house is normally annoying but I thought it would give a good reflection. And so it did… Even though I got a few strange looks from passing cars, I’m pretty happy with the end result. Good times! Enjoyed the mild Autumn so hoping for a mild winter to follow. Maybe this global warming business isn’t all so bad… Hmmmm… And that’s it for day 150/365!

May 28: Paper lanterns

We were at my parents-in-law’s house tonight and getting ready to head home when I realised that I hadn’t taken a photo yet today. I had a wee look around the house and found these lanterns which I eventually got working. I tried a few different shots with the lights on as people were still in the lounge but they weren’t great so I turned off all the lights and tried longer exposure shots. I was quite happy with this one as I liked the reflection off the polished wooden bench and it was also a lot sharper than the others (thanks to a low ISO setting – which I have learnt to do with night shots since starting this project). Image details are: ISO-100, f/20 with a 3.2 second exposure. Quite happy with the effort for day 147!