December 16: Breaking out

I took some images of the same plant on December 1 (coincidently at the same time as Xandre Verkes posted some fantastic images of a very similar subject!) but saw it again today just as the flowers were breaking out of the pod and thought it looked pretty cool so took a photo to share with you all on day 348 🙂


October 6: Flower in the flash

I’ve been borrowing an external flash for the last few weeks and have to take it back tomorrow so I though I’d have one last play with it tonight. I walked out the back door in the dark and went looking for something to shoot, armed only with the light from my iPhone. This was pretty close and looked interesting enough so fitted the bill! I played around with the flash then ended up reflected it off the leaves above the flower and like the effect of the bright greens in the background… Gutted I have to give the flash back tomorrow but happy it made an interesting shot for day 277 🙂

September 21: Real rose?

Nah, it’s not real! It’s a fake flower and looks even faker up close but I like the texture of the material so that’s the shot for day 262… I left home at 7 this morning and just got home 14 hours later after Year 10 Course Selection Evening at school and I’m tired! Off to sleep now…