December 10: Quite alarming…

Haha, you see what I did there? Because it’s a fire alarm and it’s alarming… Way too tired and yet another photo from my phone on day 342 but only one more day to go before we finish and head home late tomorrow night 🙂


July 9: Saturday sunrise

I had a massive sleep-in this morning (7:30am) and woke up to this sunrise. So I got Brylee up and ready then grabbed the camera + tripod and ran over the road. I know that you can see my shadow in the bottom and was going to crop it but kinda like it so decided not to… So that’s it for day 190 🙂

July 8: Muscle cars

Great find today! I was down the road getting dinner and went for a walk while I was waiting. I walked past these cars and thought it would be cool to take some photos but didn’t have my camera on me so I went home and grabbed my camera then headed back down. I chatted to the owners and they were more than happy for me to take photos so I set up and went for it… Some amazing cars and looking forward to getting some shots in daylight when they have a big meet in October! Happy with the results for day 189 and hope the owners enjoy the shots 🙂

3 shots from a tripod at f/8, ISO 100                          

June 27: Winter trees

This photo pretty much sums up the weather right now… Ice cold wind and trees almost bare apart from a few holding onto their last remaining leaves. I’m not a huge fan of winter but do admit that I like shots like this with a few dead leaves showing the last traces of summer/autumn. And I’m out of time for day 177 so that’s it 🙂

June 15: HDR Popsicle

Trying the HDR deal again tonight. Excuse the watermark on the image but I can’t afford the full version so am using the trial in the meantime. I saw this empty Popsicle carton next to me on the table and liked the idea of photographing it because

a) The bright colours looked quite cool and…

b) It was sitting next to me on the table and I didn’t even have to move from my seat to take the photo, load it up and edit it. I like this!

Maybe that should be a challenge… To take a photo a day from your seat. Could be kinda boring though! Anyway, that’s it for today and the very start of my HDR learning curve. Still need to find a nice scene in the daylight but it’s a start! Done for day 165!

June 14: Mist at sunset

I wanted to try an HDR photo tonight but it didn’t quite work out… I saw the sunset and the fog out the window tonight so grabbed my camera, jumped in the car and drove down to the river. I got back and tried to create the HRD image in Photomatrix Pro but I can’t afford the full version and the trial version has dirty big watermarks all over the image. Fail (for today) BUT I now know that; I need to buy the full version, I need to take the original images in daylight, and I need to shoot on AV instead of TV mode. I learnt something I guess so day 164 was worth it 🙂

June 8: Three coloured tea cups

The title really says it all… There are tea cups, they are coloured, and there are three of them. These are my Mum’s tea cups and I have seen them before but never really thought of photographing them. I was over there tonight and saw them so decided to try some photos. The background was quite bright with the flash so I tried to de-saturate it and was quite pleased with the result. Day 158 out of the way, only 207 days to go. On second thoughts, I should have waited for a leap-year to do this project.. Would only have 206
days to go. Hmmmm…