October 9: Country road

This is a road between Waikuku and Rangiora that we drive down pretty often and I’ve taken a few photos on before. It’s been looking pretty cool for the past few weeks with all the spring colours and I’ve been meaning to stop and take a photo for ages but only just got around to it. Sitting here watching the All Blacks play a pretty good Argentine side after watching the Wallabies beat the South African’s – it’s been a pretty good day for the  280th day of my project 🙂


July 9: Saturday sunrise

I had a massive sleep-in this morning (7:30am) and woke up to this sunrise. So I got Brylee up and ready then grabbed the camera + tripod and ran over the road. I know that you can see my shadow in the bottom and was going to crop it but kinda like it so decided not to… So that’s it for day 190 🙂

June 18: Bus lane by night

Another late night… Heading home from friend’s and Brylee was sleeping so I had to be quick with taking a photo. This image was hand-held with ISO at 100 and a 1 sec exposure. Came out better than expected considering it was rushed and hand-held so I’m OK with the end result. While waiting for the photo to upload I was looking around WordPress and somehow ended up linked to the Stuck in Customs site (http://www.stuckincustoms.com/). I have heard of it before but never got around to looking at it. Wow, amazing! I am now inspired to get more into HDR photography after reading this blog and the HDR tutorial. So many awesome images which make me feel kinda stink about my own (still learning, I know) and I am putting some money aside now to buy Photomatrix Pro (http://www.hdrsoft.com/) which seems to be what everyone is using to create HDR images. I don’t quite understand deal with the editing but I’m sure I will get there! Stay tuned for future awesomeness! That’s all folks for day 168.