October 28: Bright star

I was looking around in Brylee’s toybox for something interesting to shoot when I saw this sparkly-star-wand-thing and took it out to see what I could do with it… I thought it might look good with a light behind it, so held it up in one hand with the camera in the other and positioned it so the ceiling light was directly behind. This was the second shot and looked sort of like what I had imagined in my head so here is the image from my 299th day of this project!


September 20: Paper heart

I was on a friends Facebook page tonight and saw a similar photo so thought I would give it a go myself. I experimented for a while with the right amount of pages to stand up enough without looking weird and droopy before deciding that four was the ideal number. I then put it on top of a box of tissues on Brylee’s high-chair with a bedside lamp behind it shining onto the back of the pages. The shutter speed had to be quite slow so I set up the tripod, got it into position and snapped a few shots. After a brief edit I was all finished for day 261 and quite like the result 🙂

July 14: Iron chandelier

This house has a rather large chandelier above the dining table and I thought it might look good in a photo. It took ages to get the photos centered as I had to sit the camera on the table below and I wasn’t able to use the viewfinder. I took a photo, checked it, replaced the camera in a slightly different position then repeated until I was happy with the result. I know I could have just cropped it after but wanted to make sure it was exactly in the middle so the lighting and shadows were consistent. Anyway, enough typing so I’m off to bed! Day 195 complete – closing on 200 posts! 🙂

June 14: Mist at sunset

I wanted to try an HDR photo tonight but it didn’t quite work out… I saw the sunset and the fog out the window tonight so grabbed my camera, jumped in the car and drove down to the river. I got back and tried to create the HRD image in Photomatrix Pro but I can’t afford the full version and the trial version has dirty big watermarks all over the image. Fail (for today) BUT I now know that; I need to buy the full version, I need to take the original images in daylight, and I need to shoot on AV instead of TV mode. I learnt something I guess so day 164 was worth it 🙂

June 10: Leaf silhouette

I finally had time to take a photo before the sun went down today! I was tempted by the sunset but decided to have a look around for something else. I liked this shot because it still had a bit of the sunset but with a little bit more. And I liked the water droplet on the end as it’s been raining all day but stopped just now in time for a beautiful sunset. Nice. And that’ll do it for day 160.

May 31: Sunset reflection


What an awesome end to an awesome day! It was a stunning day today for the last day of Autumn, then topped it all off with a great sunset. I was feeding Brylee tonight when I looked out the window and saw this sunset. Mel was nice enough to tag in for the feeding while I grabbed my camera and ran outside. This puddle outside our house is normally annoying but I thought it would give a good reflection. And so it did… Even though I got a few strange looks from passing cars, I’m pretty happy with the end result. Good times! Enjoyed the mild Autumn so hoping for a mild winter to follow. Maybe this global warming business isn’t all so bad… Hmmmm… And that’s it for day 150/365!

May 25: Steel wire

I was looking around for things to take a photo of and thought this had potential. I tried a number of different shots then ended up putting a black t-shirt under the wire and up the back to get a solid black background, then firing the flash to light up the wire. The wire really caught the flash and lit up against the background so I was happy with the end result. Another night photography shot with flash for day 144!