October 8: Pegasus bridge

We stopped by Pegasus Town on our way home from Christchurch this afternoon just as it was starting to fine up and luckily I had my camera in the car. This is one of the features of the town and pretty flash so thought it would make a good photo. We’ve been here a few times for BBQ’s and it’s pretty nice and even though it wasn’t actually very warm, it looks nice in the photo for day 279!

July 21: Derelict

I was driving home this afternoon and saw the clouds were looking pretty stormy so I headed home and grabbed my camera. I’ve been looking at some pretty impressive HDR photographers over the last few days and a lot of them use clouds to good effect in their images. I’m not pretending that I’m even close to them but I figure the best way to learn is from the best. There is a great link here: http://hdrshooter.wordpress.com/2011/07/19/inside-st-egidius-church/ to some of the top HDR photographers who have some amazing work. I’ve also spent a bit of time this afternoon looking at the “how-to” tutorials from https://plus.google.com/115360471097759949621/posts and really appreciated when such awesome photographers share exactly how they do it so everyone else can learn from them. Good form! Anyway, these are the shots for today from an unused building of some sort just down the road from where we are staying. I think that rustic buildings really come up well in HDR so that’s what I went with for day 202 🙂

3 shots from a tripod at f/13, ISO 100

July 9: Saturday sunrise

I had a massive sleep-in this morning (7:30am) and woke up to this sunrise. So I got Brylee up and ready then grabbed the camera + tripod and ran over the road. I know that you can see my shadow in the bottom and was going to crop it but kinda like it so decided not to… So that’s it for day 190 🙂

July 7: Old rail bridge

I got in just before the rain today. It was an alright day but then the dark clouds started to come over later on and it was looking like rain so I decided it was time to get the photo done. I got in the car and drove down the river a bit looking for something to take a photo of. I have run or biked past this bridge plenty of times before, but never thought it would look good in a photo…until today. I’m still on with liking the graffiti and was again pleased with how it came out in the photos. I also like the effect of HDR on the water and being able to see the detail (portrait shot) in the water is pretty cool. Overall I’m happy with the shots so that’s day 188 down 🙂

3 shots from a tripod at f/10, ISO 100.

July 4: Ambulance

Today was not a day I was looking forward to! I had to attend a full-day First Aid refresher course (not the two-day thankfully!) and didn’t really have the most positive expectations based on previous First Aid experiences… BUT it actually wasn’t all that bad and it was far more interesting than most other courses which made the day go pretty fast. Proof that the difference in boredom levels is pretty much down to the presenter (and ours was pretty funny and onto it – thanks Margaret!). After the course finished I saw the shiny ambulances parked out the back so went and got my camera then asked out tutor if I could take some photos. She let me out into the back lot and kinda looked at me a bit weird as I set up the tripod and pottered around but was happy to wait for me so I was happy. What a legend! So that’s my 186th day done and dusted 🙂


P.S. If you want to die any time soon, don’t do it around me ‘cos I’m pretty much a First Aid ninja now! 😉

July 3(Half way day!): Railway graffiti

Today we went into Christchurch to get some shopping done and I spotted this graffiti as we drove up Columbo Street. We were in a hurry on our way back but made a quick stop to grab some photos. It was quite a cool place and there was some amazing graffiti covering most of the surfaces. There was some useless tagging which was kinda ugly but in general most of it was pretty awesome. I really like graffiti in photos and decided to go with four photos for today instead of the usual one to celebrate passing the halfway mark in my 365 project! Day 183 down 🙂

July 2: Golden leaves

I was driving home this afternoon and drove past the local cricket/football grounds. There are leaves everywhere and the afternoon sun was giving them an awesome glow so I got home, fed Brylee and we bundled up and went for a walk to talk some photos – even ended up watching some football as well. I discovered yesterday that if I use the 2 sec shutter delay and have the bracket exposure setting on, it will take all three photos after the 2 seconds. I had avoided the shutter delay before as I thought I would have to take 3 separate photos and that would take ages but happy to discover I don’t… Add that one to the  “new knowledge” box :-). Day 182 down – over the halfway mark tomorrow!! Woo hoo!

July 1: Apple tree

Again, the title really says it all. It is an apple tree… All the leaves are dead on the tree and there are only a few apples left but I liked the brightness of the apples against the drab bareness of the tree. Thanks winter for providing me with the shot for day 181.

June 29: Monument

I was on the look-out for old churches to take a photo of today but this one was closed so I had to settle for a wander around outside. This was a monument to those members of the parish lost during the “Great War” (First World War) from 1914 – 1918. I know that lens flare is generally frowned upon but I did this on purpose (I actually took one first without the lens flare but liked this one better) and a friend of ours who has studied Art History informed me that this adds an ethereal quality to the image so that sealed my decision. So it’s a somewhat reflective photo for day 179…