August 5: Glass galore


I was at my parents tonight and looking around for something to take a photo of when I saw a jar full of these glass stone things… I set up then poured the stones over the table and snapped away. I tried shooting at f/4.5 but didn’t like the results so tried again at f/7.1 and the results were more pleasing. I kinda like this shot with the green stone in focus and the rest out of focus but still sparkling… That’s it for day 216!


July 6: Lil kicks

My wee girl got some new shoes from her cousin (thanks Allie and Aunty Bec) the other day and even though they don’t fit her yet, they still look sick! I figure that they are going to get ruined and spewed on soon so better remember them in photos before that happens… So here they are, enjoy and be jealous that my 8 month old daughter has cooler shoes than you on day 187! 😉

June 24: Winters afternoon

Heading home this afternoon and took a wee detour down to the Ashley River. Still learning with HDR but I like the result as you can have the effect of the clouds, see the snow on the mountains in the background and still be able to see the stones at the bottom of the water. This is the beauty  of the different exposures used in HDR and something that you wouldn’t be able to get in a normal photo. Still enjoy HDR on day 174 of my daily photo challenge! 

May 12: Just add water

I’ve read that often your first shot will be your best and never taken much notice but tonight as I was looking through the images I realised that this is often the case. Most days I get an idea for a photo, have a play around to get the settings right, then snap away trying to get a better shot but when I get them onto my computer I often choose the first shot I took. Maybe I should just stop after taking the first shot from now on… Hmmm, could save space on my hard-drive and wasted time looking through photos. But kind of risky as this is not a definite rule and sometimes the first is a shocker! Oh well, 234 days left to try it out this theory anyway…