November 7: Hidden

I’ve been meaning for ages to borrow a line trimmer to tidy up the edges of our lawn but still haven’t got around to it which is bad news for me, but good news for this little flower at least! It was hiding in amongst the grass so I thought it would make a good shot for tonight and I like the contrast of the bright flower against the dull background. That’s it for day 309!


October 4: Dandelion

This is pretty much just what the title says… a dandelion! Been a huge day and another tomorrow so not much writing tonight but I do quite like the photo for day 275 🙂

September 30: Another daffodil…

I know there have been a few daffodils this month but meh, it’s spring! This time it’s a bit tighter shot in HDR with a bit of a grain on… I kinda like it actually! Day 271 is the last day of September though and the daffodils are starting to die now so maybe the last of them for this year… Enjoy!

September 24: Akaroa

A few shots from this morning in Akaroa. We had breakfast overlooking the harbour and enjoyed the sunny morning before heading home. I think we could retire to somewhere like Akaroa one day… Great morning for my 265th day! And only 100 days left of my project… Almost there! Kinda…