Waikuku Fog

I looked out our back door tonight and saw the fog coming in as the sun was setting so I grabbed my camera, jumped on a bike and headed down to the estuary to get some shots… Enjoy!



November 15: Line of fire

I was sitting inside eating dinner tonight after I got home from training when I saw flashes coming from outside. I couldn’t figure out what it was so I got up and looked out the window to see an awesome sunset and our neighbours standing on their deck taking photos of it (with their flash on for some reason – but it worked out OK for me as I wouldn’t have seen the sunset without it) so I grabbed the camera, rested it on the fence then took  shots for HDR. It was pretty cool because it looked like the horizon was on fire and reflecting on the clouds so I like the shot for day 317 🙂

November 14: Estuary sunset

I went for a walk down to the beach tonight and even though it was pretty windy and cold, it was awesome! The waves were pretty loud and the beach was deserted but I like the beach when it’s windy and stormy so enjoyed the walk. This is the estuary where I walked on the way back and it was pretty calm because it’s sheltered by the sand dunes. Living the dream at the beach on day 316 😀

August 10: “Maikuku” sunset

We moved into our new house in Waikuku Beach (or Maikuku…) last week and the estuary is about 200m from our house and a pretty cool place to walk so there will be a few photos from there this year… The sunset was pretty awesome tonight so I wandered down for a look with my camera and this is the photo that I liked the best. I know it’s another sunset and there have been a few in the last 220 days but it is a pretty amazing time of the day so I don’t mind…

July 28: Waikuku sunset

I was driving home late this afternoon and the sun was just going down so I stopped by the Waikuku Estuary for a look… It was a pretty impressive sunset which got even better after I had left and was driving home but oh well. You can’t really see in the photo but the mountains in the background are covered in snow and the whole scene was pretty awesome. So that’s it for my 209th day 🙂



July 19: Flax seed pods at sunset (Day 200!)

Today is my 200th day of my post-a-day! Woo hoo, only…. 165 days to go. Hmmm, that’s still a long time… Anyway, this is the sunset from the back of our house. I tried to avoid the typical sunset shot so I used the silhouette of the flax seed pods to make it a bit more interesting. Not everyone’s taste I know, and not my best shot ever, but I quite like it!

3 shots from a tripod at f/5.6, ISO 100.