July 10: Down the garden path

This is the path at my parents house and all the cracks are getting filled with moss as it gets damper in winter. I was on the search for a photo today and liked the colours of the moss standing out from the drab greyness of the path. I thought winter would be average for taking photos I’m actually really enjoying it. 🙂 And that’s the shot for day 191!

July 7: Old rail bridge

I got in just before the rain today. It was an alright day but then the dark clouds started to come over later on and it was looking like rain so I decided it was time to get the photo done. I got in the car and drove down the river a bit looking for something to take a photo of. I have run or biked past this bridge plenty of times before, but never thought it would look good in a photo…until today. I’m still on with liking the graffiti and was again pleased with how it came out in the photos. I also like the effect of HDR on the water and being able to see the detail (portrait shot) in the water is pretty cool. Overall I’m happy with the shots so that’s day 188 down 🙂

3 shots from a tripod at f/10, ISO 100.

July 2: Golden leaves

I was driving home this afternoon and drove past the local cricket/football grounds. There are leaves everywhere and the afternoon sun was giving them an awesome glow so I got home, fed Brylee and we bundled up and went for a walk to talk some photos – even ended up watching some football as well. I discovered yesterday that if I use the 2 sec shutter delay and have the bracket exposure setting on, it will take all three photos after the 2 seconds. I had avoided the shutter delay before as I thought I would have to take 3 separate photos and that would take ages but happy to discover I don’t… Add that one to the  “new knowledge” box :-). Day 182 down – over the halfway mark tomorrow!! Woo hoo!

June 19: Wicker maze

I was on the hunt for something to photograph tonight and opened Brylee’s toy box. It seems odd but her favourite toys aren’t the ones that we have bought her or that family have paid good money for, but instead random household objects. Her favourite toy used to be this decorative ball but now she has become more domesticated and moved on to bank cards and a wooden spoon. She will throw away actual toys for her wooden spoon that came in a pack of 3 for $1.99 – go figure! I know what I’m buying next time our friends have a baby though… This ball caught my eye so I picked it up and had a play with different angles and light. I liked the sharpness of the wicker in the flash but I think the best part is the small bits of food that Brylee has left on it just in case she gets hungry whilst playing sometime in the future… Day 169 out of the way 🙂

June 7: Home

It is raining tonight and I tried some photos outside in the rain but didn’t want to get my camera too wet so didn’t stay very long. I didn’t get anything I liked so I went inside and had a look around. I saw this map and thought a photo of Aotearoa, New Zealand would look cool… I then had a wee play around after and liked the torn-paper texture on the background to make it look more like an old-school map but with a new, bright colours. A photo of home for day 157… Nice!

May 25: Steel wire

I was looking around for things to take a photo of and thought this had potential. I tried a number of different shots then ended up putting a black t-shirt under the wire and up the back to get a solid black background, then firing the flash to light up the wire. The wire really caught the flash and lit up against the background so I was happy with the end result. Another night photography shot with flash for day 144! 

May 22: Red rose

So it seems as though I’m working my way through my wife’s birthday flowers but this was actually a pre-planned photo as opposed to shooting whatever was near me at the time. I got this idea from a photo my wife took a few days ago and wanted the heart out of focus in the background with the rose in the foreground. I kinda like the idea of the photo with the relation between red roses and love but especially liked the visible texture on the rose petals that was accentuated in the flash. Another day down, only 224 more to go! A year is actually a really long time…

May 18: Grainy flower

Day 137 was another busy day with only a few minutes spare to take a quick photo between work, dinner and working on our new house at the beach. This is the flower from a rather large, weed-like bush outside our house and was taken on Auto-ISO with an ISO of 800 but I liked the grainy look so I enhanced it a little bit. Not my favourite shot of this project but one more day done! 

May 11: Dandelion in the flash

So I’m still on with the night-photo-taking deal… It’s so much easier now that I’m busy at work and the evenings get dark so quickly. But open to more suggestions about new techniques to try at night as this could get a little boring quite quickly… Really keen to try some more painting with light after my initial attempt but proving hard to find both the time and the other people necessary for the shots. Might have to resort to bribery but watch this space! And with that, the 130th day is done!