December 15: Walk on the beach

It’s a pretty awesome night tonight so I grabbed my camera and went for a walk down the beach. It was overcast with showers today but has settled down tonight and is a really still, warm night which made for a great walk down the beach with the high tide, waves crashing and the beach to myself. Days like this make me glad I live at the beach on day 347! 😀


December 7: Old mill

I have my camera back, woo hoo! I picked it up on my way home from touch then stopped by an old mill in Waikuku to grab some shots for tonight. The light wasn’t the best and I didn’t have much time so I will go back later but here are the offerings for day 339. A short post for tonight but I have to be at the airport early tomorrow morning to head away to Touch Nationals with the school teams so off to pack now!

November 24: Adventures in the pool

Brylee, Mel and I went for a walk down to the park today and the gate was open to the old pool so we went in for a look. This is the “whale pool” that has been the subject of much local debate after it was damaged in the earthquakes. There have been “save the whale” placards up around North Canterbury for the past year or so and apparently someone noticed because now they are going to repair it/build a new one and the debate has turned to the design. Way too much drama over a pool if you ask me but it will be good to have a kids pool super close this summer. Anyway, this is one of the shots from today when we were playing in the empty pool and my favourite for day 326.

November 5: Guy Fawkes


It’s Guy Fawkes!! It’s also Brylee’s first birthday tomorrow and I remember sitting in the hospital exactly one year ago thinking that it would be cool if she was born on November 5 so that she would have fireworks to celebrate her birthday every year. She didn’t arrive until the next morning so now the fireworks are just the day before in anticipation of her birthday… It’s been a pretty busy day with Mel throwing up last night and not well today then us having so much work to do today before the big birthday tomorrow! Ready for bed now but looking forward to tomorrow 🙂 The Waikuku Volunteer Fire Brigade organises an event every year where locals take their fireworks down to them during the day and they set them all off in a display for everyone. A pretty cool community event so I went down to have a look and of course took the camera. I took a few shots but here are a two for day 307!