November 21: Droplets on ivy

I woke up early this morning to pouring rain! Not happy because the weather has been awesome recently but I suppose it had to come sometime because it is spring after all… It’s been raining pretty hard most of the day but stopped just after dinner tonight so I went out to take a shot and was on the look for a good shot with some raindrops. Our ivy has been featured in a few shots this year and again today. The glossy leaves meant that the rain formed cool droplets on the leaf so this is shot for day 323…


November 14: Estuary sunset

I went for a walk down to the beach tonight and even though it was pretty windy and cold, it was awesome! The waves were pretty loud and the beach was deserted but I like the beach when it’s windy and stormy so enjoyed the walk. This is the estuary where I walked on the way back and it was pretty calm because it’s sheltered by the sand dunes. Living the dream at the beach on day 316 😀

October 8: Pegasus bridge

We stopped by Pegasus Town on our way home from Christchurch this afternoon just as it was starting to fine up and luckily I had my camera in the car. This is one of the features of the town and pretty flash so thought it would make a good photo. We’ve been here a few times for BBQ’s and it’s pretty nice and even though it wasn’t actually very warm, it looks nice in the photo for day 279!

September 23: Akaroa lights

It’s my birthday today and my wife took me away for a night in Arakoa (Google it for those from outside NZ…). Had a great day and an awesome night to top it off! We went out for dinner and a walk then grabbed the camera and took a few shots on our way back to the motel. What a day for the 264th day of this project 🙂

PS. Spot the smiley face…

September 14: Three glasses

I was really struggling to find something to take a photo of so when I opened the cupboard and saw a wine glass I got it out. Inspired by a blog I follow ( I decided to put some water in it and take a few shots. It wasn’t really happening for me so I thought I would try some shots with food colouring and luckily we had some. Photoshop wasn’t working for some reason so I had had to use Picnik and tried out the collage option as it was what I wanted to do in Photoshop. I actually quite like the result though and could see it hanging on a wall somewhere… Maybe one day. Anyway, that’s the shot for day 255!

August 29: Droplet at night

This little plant is growing around our house and looked kinda cool with the water droplet caught in the light thrown from the flash. I was experimenting with Photoshop and liked this pattern fill with the opacity way down because it looks like a print on canvas… It’s been a hugely busy weekend so I’m tired and off to bed now. Day 239 done!