August 19: Winter flower

Even after three days of snow and a freezing winter, somehow this flower and blossoms were still out today. I thought they would be well and truly frozen by now but apparently not… So a little bit of spring sneaking through in the middle of winter on day 229…


August 16: Warm inside

It started snowing properly last night about 6pm and must have kept going pretty steady through the night as we woke up to a decent blanket of snow this morning. Luckily we had kept the fire going through the night so it was still pretty warm inside but looked pretty awesome outside. I liked this photo because it captures the warm feeling of sitting inside while still being able to look out at the snow-scape… Another day off work to spend with the whanau on day 226 so I’m not complaining!

July 20: Frosty start

It was pretty cold this morning and when I opened the curtains about 7am there was a fairly decent frost. I wasn’t able to get outside until a bit later on but it worked out well as the grass was still frozen but the sun was now nice and bright. I wanted to capture the frost on the grass and this was successful but I also like the bokeh effect with the tall, green stalks of grass in focus and the white of the frost in the background. A frosty start for day 201 but it turned out to be a pretty stunning day for the middle of winter so worth the cold start 🙂

3 shots from a tripod at f/5.6, ISO 100


July 7: Old rail bridge

I got in just before the rain today. It was an alright day but then the dark clouds started to come over later on and it was looking like rain so I decided it was time to get the photo done. I got in the car and drove down the river a bit looking for something to take a photo of. I have run or biked past this bridge plenty of times before, but never thought it would look good in a photo…until today. I’m still on with liking the graffiti and was again pleased with how it came out in the photos. I also like the effect of HDR on the water and being able to see the detail (portrait shot) in the water is pretty cool. Overall I’m happy with the shots so that’s day 188 down 🙂

3 shots from a tripod at f/10, ISO 100.

July 2: Golden leaves

I was driving home this afternoon and drove past the local cricket/football grounds. There are leaves everywhere and the afternoon sun was giving them an awesome glow so I got home, fed Brylee and we bundled up and went for a walk to talk some photos – even ended up watching some football as well. I discovered yesterday that if I use the 2 sec shutter delay and have the bracket exposure setting on, it will take all three photos after the 2 seconds. I had avoided the shutter delay before as I thought I would have to take 3 separate photos and that would take ages but happy to discover I don’t… Add that one to the  “new knowledge” box :-). Day 182 down – over the halfway mark tomorrow!! Woo hoo!

July 1: Apple tree

Again, the title really says it all. It is an apple tree… All the leaves are dead on the tree and there are only a few apples left but I liked the brightness of the apples against the drab bareness of the tree. Thanks winter for providing me with the shot for day 181.

June 30: Clouds in the puddle

I left my photo a bit late tonight and it was getting dark by the time I took this photo. I know I’ve already used the reflection in the puddle deal on May 31 but this is better…. because it’s HDR and HDR is always better! I also like that it’s a bit darker but still light enough to see the grass and the puddle etc in the foreground. And I’ve just hit day 180! Only 2 more days to go until I’m halfway through my project 🙂