October 24: Smiley face

I was looking out our window this afternoon and spotted this fence panel that looks like a smiley face. I hadn’t done a photo yet for today so when Brylee went to bed I went out and took some shots. The first ones I took were just of the fence but I like this one because the green trees in the background look kinda like hair for the…fence-face? Anyway, probably the weirdest post yet on day 295 but it’s done… Only 70 days to go!


October 19: Smoking hangi

I’m in Rotorua this week for a conference and of course everything here is smoking and steaming – including this above-ground hangi which I’ve never seen before but I imagine would be almost as tasty as the real thing… Had a busy day and off to bed now so that’s it for day 290 🙂

October 10: Tongue and groove

This is a shot up the wall toward the ceiling and my favourite feature of our house. We have a high tongue and groove ceiling in our little beach cottage and when we moved in the lounge was pretty badly lit but now we have a total of 13 bulbs lighting the room including these up-lights. We put just them on at night and it looks pretty cool as they light up the natural wood and give the house a pretty cosy feel combined with the fire going. Anyway, a pretty windy night for day 281 but all snuggled up and warm in bed so I’m happy. Night!

July 13: Path lights

We are house-sitting in a pretty flash gated community for the next month (while we work on our house) and I went for a wander down to the lake with my camera tonight. I was trying to get the reflections from the houses across the water but it’s a bit windy and the results weren’t so great… I turned around to walk back down the path and thought that this little scene would make a good photo. And the long exposure lit up the scene enough to see the detail in the trees behind so I’m happy with the result 🙂 Day 194 done!

July 4: Feijoa tree

Today is kinda a bit of a downturn after the photos yesterday that I was quite happy with. But I guess that’s the way with a 365 project – some you will really like, some you wont be so excited about. Anyway, this is a feijoa tree that grows just outside out kitchen and I have seen before but never taken photos of. I didn’t realise that the fruit grew in winter but it’s pretty much the middle of winter and the fruit are still growing away. And it was the coldest morning today so I thought they would have been killed off by now. Odd… Well, that’s it for day 185!

July 2: Golden leaves

I was driving home this afternoon and drove past the local cricket/football grounds. There are leaves everywhere and the afternoon sun was giving them an awesome glow so I got home, fed Brylee and we bundled up and went for a walk to talk some photos – even ended up watching some football as well. I discovered yesterday that if I use the 2 sec shutter delay and have the bracket exposure setting on, it will take all three photos after the 2 seconds. I had avoided the shutter delay before as I thought I would have to take 3 separate photos and that would take ages but happy to discover I don’t… Add that one to the  “new knowledge” box :-). Day 182 down – over the halfway mark tomorrow!! Woo hoo!

July 1: Apple tree

Again, the title really says it all. It is an apple tree… All the leaves are dead on the tree and there are only a few apples left but I liked the brightness of the apples against the drab bareness of the tree. Thanks winter for providing me with the shot for day 181.