December 21: Big boys toys

I got the chance to head out this morning and take the end-of-year photo for Worthington Contracting. Have a look at the website for an older version of this photo featuring a grand total of 9 vehicles but this updated photo shows the huge amount of growth that has taken place in the last few years. Anyway, they had hired a cherry-picker for me that got up to about 14 meters which was pretty awesome for be able to choose the best vantage point for the photo. This was just one of the many photos I took but I wanted to try it in HDR so saved the original RAW image as 5 TIFF images bracketed by one stop from -2 to 2, then combined in Photomatix for the tone mapping before finishing off back in Photoshop. I like the final image with the clouds in the background and even though they probably wont want an HDR version, it was fun to play around with on day 353 ūüôā


May 13: Well point dewatering

Today I had the pleasure to take a ride with a friend who’s family owns a¬†drain laying business. They are upgrading their website so wanted some shots of their crew in action and asked me to take some photos. The company ( is doing a lot of fantastic work with the post-earthquake Canterbury rebuild and are one of only three companies in the area to use well point dewatering. Kind of a long word but basically means that they put long tubes with¬†special¬†ends into the ground at regular intervals then connect the tubes to a pipe which connects to a pump, which in turn pump out the water and lowers the ground water table. At the first job I went to, they had put down 10m long tubes in order to dig out and repair a water tank that would otherwise have been under water and¬†inaccessible. It a very impressive operation to see and great to have the chance to see first-hand what it going on around our city.

This shot was the first of about 50-60 pipes running down a street where they were replacing the damaged sewer lines and I got to watch as they drove and connected new tubes at a surprising speed.

Well that’s my 132nd photo for the day with bonus information included for free! Enjoy!