December 18: Yellow lily

Apparently I can’t count! Yesterday was day 359 so logic would follow that today would be day 360 but that would mean that it would only be day 362 on December 31 when it should actually be 362 today seeing as how there are 365 days in the year. Brownie points for whoever can trawl back and find the day(s) that I miscounted!!

Anyway, my parents are house-sitting on a lifestyle block over Christmas and the retired couple that own the house clearly have a lot of time on their hands to spend in the garden. There are about 4 or 5 different colours of lily’s in one of their gardens alone and I had a wander around with my camera when we were out there today. I really like this shot because of the  vivid yellow and black colours with the bright pink in the centre so chose it as the image for today.


November 8: Field of flowers

It looks like a field of flowers but it’s actually not… It’s just part of our garden but it looks pretty big in the photo (like a field) and field of flowers sounds better than just flowers – hence the title! I just spent so long explaining that the title is inaccurate that I can’t be bothered typing any more apart from to say this is it for day 310! Only 55 days to go…

October 28: Bright star

I was looking around in Brylee’s toybox for something interesting to shoot when I saw this sparkly-star-wand-thing and took it out to see what I could do with it… I thought it might look good with a light behind it, so held it up in one hand with the camera in the other and positioned it so the ceiling light was directly behind. This was the second shot and looked sort of like what I had imagined in my head so here is the image from my 299th day of this project!

October 27: Little yellow cottage

I took this photo of our spaghetti container that sits on our bench but wasn’t really a fan of it so opened it up in Photoshop to see what I could do… It was quite yellow from the container being an off-white colour, combined with the yellow from the lights so it reminded me of our little yellow cottage. I don’t know why someone would voluntarily paint a house yellow but someone decided it was a good idea quite a few years ago so we live in a yellow house until this summer when we are re-painting. Anyway, I de-saturated the rest of the image apart from the cottage to make it stand out and here is the image for day 298! 🙂

September 30: Another daffodil…

I know there have been a few daffodils this month but meh, it’s spring! This time it’s a bit tighter shot in HDR with a bit of a grain on… I kinda like it actually! Day 271 is the last day of September though and the daffodils are starting to die now so maybe the last of them for this year… Enjoy!